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Exporters! The Wit and Wisdom of Small Business Owners Who Sell Globally (ePub eBook)

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The U.S. is the world’s largest exporter of products and services, but a comparatively small percentage of businesses actually do it.  The business owners who export find it lucrative, educational and endlessly fascinating as their work brings them into close contact with people and cultures worldwide.  This book profiles 25 American business men and women who battled competitors, fear of the unknown, and personal adversity to build successful small businesses in the global marketplace. Alternately humorous, amazing and inspirational, their stories also serve as valuable advice for readers wanting to follow their example and grow their international sales through exporting from the United States.

Table of Contents:

Exporters! The Wit and Wisdom of Small Businesspeople Who Sell Globally

Themes and Lessons

Anna Stegeman, International Sales Manager, NuStep

Mark Rice, Owner, Maritime Applied Physics

Michelle Khalatian, Vice President, International Marketing, Falcon Waterfree Technologies

Carlos Lemos, CEO, Ambient Technologies

John H. Sohl III, CEO, Columbia Technologies

Patrick Dickey, Vice President, International Marketing, Solatube

Shane Cooper, President, DeFeet International

Kimberly Brown, Owner, Amethyst Technologies

Terry Dittrich, International Sales Manager, Spancrete Machinery Corporation

Yoshino Nakajima, Vice President, International Market Development, Home Instead Senior Care

Melanie Bergeron, Chair of the Board, Two Men and a Truck/International, Inc.

Sharon Doherty, Owner and Founder, Vellus Products

Kusum and Mukund Kavia, Owners, Combustion Associates, Inc.

Jimmy Wu, Founder and CEO, Infinity Air

Pierce Barker, Co-founder, ProStuff LLC

Bobby Patton, Patton Electronics Company

Kimberly Brown, Owner, Amethyst Technologies

Bob Roche, Founder, CTRL Systems

Ron Swinko, CEO, Jet Incorporated

Steve Pope, Chief Marketing Officer, Domes International

Charles Popenoe III, Owner, Smart Bolt

Maria de Lourdes Sobrino, Founder, LuLu’s Dessert

Richard Brenner, CEO, Amarr Garage Doors

Rosie Herman, Founder, Mykytyn Enterprises Inc.

William Haynes, Founder, Sabai Technology


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Audience: This book is appropriate for small businesspeople, college business students and faculty.  Additionally, business and economic development professionals will benefit from this book.  General readers who have an interest in personal success stories dealing with small business may find this information inspirational and helpful.

Keywords: export/import, small business start-up, how to start a small business, small business information, exporting, small business exporting, inspirational stories, success stories

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Reviews & More About this Product

Did you hear Doug Barry talking on the radio with Jim Blasingame, "The Small Business Advocate Show" on Tuesday, February 11 at 7:26-9:00am EST talking about the Exporters! book


About the Author Doug Barry has for 20 years helped small business owners go global. He currently is an international trade specialist with the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service of the Commerce Department. His previous books include Free Trade Agreements: 20 Ways to Grow Your Business and A Basic Guide to Exporting, 10th edition. He has a doctorate from Columbia University in the City of New York.



GlobalEdge blog reviews Exporters! -- March 25, 2014


GlobalEdge Blog 3/13/2013 by Evan Pennisi
"Out of the millions of businesses in the United States, only about 1.5 percent of these companies sell their products internationally. Furthermore, over half of these businesses exported to only one foreign market. So what can be done to increase U.S. exports? Doug Barry of the U.S. Commercial Service has the answer. In his book, Exporters! The Wit and Wisdom of Small Business Owners Who Sell Globally, Doug Barry shares 26 success stories from small companies in the United States who made the leap of faith in selling their products abroad. These companies started from small beginnings and now make products for customers throughout the world.

Also in the newly released book, Doug Barry explains the strategies companies use when exporting their products for the first time. The lessons learned by the companies interviewed in the book serve as a guide for other companies looking to expand their products or services overseas. Exporting products is easier than you think and with Doug Barry’s new book, understanding the forces behind successful exporters has become a surmountable task.