Code of Federal Regulations, Title 5, Administrative Personnel, Pt. 1-699

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 5, Administrative Personnel, Pt. 1-699, Revised as of January 1, 2016

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5 CFR Parts 1 to 699 covers the Office of Personnel Management. In this volume, you will find rules, processes, procedures, and regulations pertaining to civil service rules, including appointment through the competitive system, prohibited practices, postings of new Office of Personnel Management regulations, appointments to overseas positions, federal employee personal property claims, claims collection standards, veterans preference, excepted service, Senior Executive Service, reduction in force, general employment, privacy records, and more.

Table of Contents:


1 Coverage and definitions (Rule I)
2 Appointment through the competitive system
(Rule II)
3 Noncompetitive acquisition of status (Rule III)
4 Prohibited practices (Rule IV)
5 Regulations, investigation, and enforcement (Rule
6 Exceptions from the competitive service (Rule VI)
7 General provisions (Rule VII)
8 Appointments to overseas positions (Rule VIII)
9 Workforce information (Rule IX)
10 Agency accountability systems; OPM authority to
review personnel management programs (Rule X)
110 Posting notices of new OPM regulations
151 Political activity of State or local officers or employees
175 OPM mandatory review of classified documents
177 Administrative claims under Federal Tort Claims
178 Procedures for settling claims
179 Claims collection standards
180 Employees’ personal property claims
185 Program fraud civil remedies
210 Basic concepts and definitions (general)
211 Veteran preference
212 Competitive service and competitive status
213 Excepted service
214 Senior Executive Service
230 Organization of the Government for personnel
250 Personnel management in agencies
251 Agency relationships with organizations representing
Federal employees and other organizations
293 Personnel records
294 Availability of official information
295 Testimony by OPM employees relating to official information
and production of official records in legal proceedings
297 Privacy procedures for personnel records
300 Employment (general)
301 Overseas employment
302 Employment in the excepted service
304 Expert and consultant appointments
305 [Reserved]
307 Veterans recruitment appointments
308 Volunteer service
310 Employment of relatives
315 Career and career-conditional employment
316 Temporary and term employment
317 Employment in the Senior Executive Service
319 Employment in senior-level and scientific and professional positions
330 Recruitment, selection, and placement (general)
332 Recruitment and selection through competitive examination
333 [Reserved]
334 Temporary assignments under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)
335 Promotion and internal placement
337 Examining system
338 Qualification requirements (general)
339 Medical qualification determinations
340 Other than full-time career employment (Part- time, seasonal,
on-call, and intermittent)
351 Reduction in force
352 Reemployment rights
353 Restoration to duty from uniformed service or compensable injury
359 Removal from the Senior Executive Service; guaranteed placement
in other personnel systems
362 Pathways Programs
370 Information Technology Exchange Program
410 Training
412 Supervisory, management, and executive development
430 Performance management
432 Performance based reduction in grade and removal actions
451 Awards
470 Personnel management research programs and demonstrations projects
511 Classification under the General Schedule
530 Pay rates and systems (general)
531 Pay under the General Schedule
532 Prevailing rate systems
534 Pay under other systems
535 Critical position pay authority
536 Grade and pay retention
537 Repayment of student loans
550 Pay administration (general)
551 Pay administration under the Fair Labor Standards Act
553 Reemployment of civilian retirees to meet exceptional employment needs
572 Travel and transportation expenses; new appointees and interviews
575 Recruitment, relocation, and retention incentives;
supervisory differentials; and extended assignment incentives
576 Voluntary separation incentive payments
581 Processing garnishment orders for child support and/or alimony
582 Commercial garnishment of Federal employees’ pay
591 Allowances and differentials
595 Physicians’ comparability allowances
610 Hours of duty
630 Absence and leave
631–699 [Reserved]

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Audience: U.S. Federal employees, including military veterans, senior executive staff, and staff within the Office of Personnel Management may be interested in this volume.  Additionally, think tanks, employment attorneys, employment statisticians, and commercial human resource and personnel management staff may be interested in this volume.

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