OSHA Laws and Regulations (CD-ROM) Annual Subscription

OSHA Laws and Regulations (CD-ROM)

Agency Publisher: Labor Dept., Occupational Safety and Health Administration
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One-year subscription service of quarterly CD-ROM compilations of all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws and regulations relating to worker and workplace safety that were in effect for that quarter. Includes Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)  Title 29, Labor, Pt. 1900-1990 and an index to Federal Register notices about OSHA going back to 1971. Contains CFR Title 29, Pt. 1910.1030, Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens, Final Rule, Dec. 6, 1991. Also provides information on 1200 chemicals found in the workplace.

Quarterly periodical issued in CD-ROM format. Subscription service consists of cumulative compact discs. Latest 2 issues retained in stock for individual purchase. Single copy, $25.20; foreign single copy, $35.28. Issues are cumulative. ORDT. File Code 2Q.

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Audience: Employees in the Labor Department, Business owners and operators, and legal staff who need to be aware of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and procedures will be interested in this publication.

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