Citizen Airman Vol. 69 #1 Feb.2017

Citizen Airman, V. 69, No. 1, February 2017

Agency Publisher: Defense Dept., Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command, Office of Public Affairs
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An official publication of the United States Air Force Reserve Command, Citizen Airman magazine disseminates complete and up-to-date information of interest to the Air Force Reservist.

AFRP 30-1. Bimonthly periodical. Subscription price covers issues for 1 year. Subscription service begins with the first issue after the order is processed. Copies of the latest 3 issues are retained in stock for individual purchase. Single copy, $6.00; foreign single copy, $8.40. Formerly titled: Air Reservist. ISSN 0887-9680. AIRR. File Code 2M. Item 422.

Table of Contents:

‘Why Not Us?’
Greensboro Four member recalls motivation for historic sit-in

Introducing Ford Stevens
Reservist pens aviation thriller with a Citizen Airman as the hero

Twenty Years and Counting
AFRC celebrates anniversary as Air Force major command

Combating PTSD
Reserve couple teams with Army psychiatrist to create nonprofit

Flexible Service
Individual Reserve offers unique opportunities

Junior Jaycees
Reservist honored for supporting deployers, families

Be There
What is a wingman’s role in preventing suicide?

Phoenix Ravens
Specialized Airmen provide protection beyond our borders

Strength Through Diversity
Senior leader promotes benefits of Reserve

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Audience: Air Force members and Reservists, military members and Reservists, aviation and Air Force enthusiasts, aircraft enthusiasts, and people studying the modern military (as well as military history) will enjoy this very informative and beautiful magazine with full color photographs.

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