Air America: Upholding the Airmen\'s Bond (Book & DVD)

Air America: Upholding the Airmen\'s Bond (Book and DVD)

Agency Publisher: Central Intelligence Agency, Center for the Study of Intelligence; and Historical Collections Division
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A fascinating assembly of documents revealing the role that Air America, the Central Intelligence Agency's once-secret proprietary airline, played in the search and rescue of pilots and personnel during the Vietnam War.  This publication has an accompanying DVD with thousands of pages of recently declassified documents. The book and DVD include personal accounts by the rescued pilots, commendations from various officials, and thank you letters from rescued personnel and many of the CIA “customers” who often placed their lives and missions in the hands of the once-secret service. 

It includes, for the first time, direct information about Lima Site 85 in Laos (1966-68) and a possible hijacking attempt in the 1964 crash of Flight 908. Other elements include the airline's role in the final evacuations from Da Nang and Saigon in April, 1975.

This joint symposium with the CIA and the University of Texas at Dallas provides a forum for the release of thousands of pages of heretofore unavailable documents on Air America’s relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Audience: Military leaders, strategists and members, defense agencies and contractors, military historians, Veterans, and anyone with an interest in military history and CIA history (and aircraft) will find this publication useful.

Keywords:  Air search and rescue missions, primary source research documents, International Relations, CIA, CIA history, CIA aircraft, military, military history, Defense Department, Department of Defense, DOD, DoD, Central Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency history


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CBS News: "These Air America documents are essential to understanding a large untold history of America's involvement in Southeast Asia[. . .]That's the airman's bond. There is another airman who is down. Everything stops until you try to rescue them, because if it were you, you knew they would do it for you, too." Article: CIA Documents Shed Light on Air America by CBSNEWS dated April 15, 2009