Cold War Era Analysis of Soviet and Chinese Policy, 1953-1973 (Book and DVD)

The CAESAR, POLO and ESAU Papers: Cold War Era Hard Target Analysis of Soviet and Chinese Policy and Decision Making, 1953-1973 (Book and DVD)

Agency Publisher: Central Intelligence Agency, Information Management Services, Historical Collections Division
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The CAESAR, ESAU, and POLO series of declassified documents highlight the CIA's efforts from the 1950s through the mid-1970s to pursue in-depth research on Soviet and Chinese internal politics and Sino-Soviet relations. Book with a DVD in a pocket. Prepared in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Intelligence. DVD contains documents in PDF format. The documents are categorized under CAESAR, POLO, and ESAU category designations. The accompanying booklet contains an introduction and an annotated bibliography.

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Audience: This publication would be useful to the military's analysis community, policymakers, members of government and defense agencies/contractors, and members of intelligence-focused committees.  This publication would also be useful to historians and students engaged with historical/political/military/intelligence studies (especially concerning China and the Soviet Union).

Keywords: CAESAR, POLO, ESAU Papers, Foreign and national intelligence, Soviet Union, USSR, Russia, China, primary source research documents, International Relations, political science, humanities academic discipline

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