National Parks Index 1916-2016: 2016 National Park Service Centennial: Official

National Parks Index 2012-2016: 2016 National Park Service Centennial: Official Index of the National Park Service

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Get to Know Your National Park System

This index is a complete administrative listing of the National Park System’s areas and related areas, including historical documentation to distinguish between the types of National Park Service sites. It has been revised to reflect congressional actions. The entries, grouped by state, include administrative addresses and phone numbers, dates of authorization and establishment, boundary change dates, acreages, website addresses, and brief statements explaining the areas’ national significance. PLEASE NOTE: This book is not intended as a guide for park visitors.

Table of Contents

Part 1

National Park System
Nomenclature of Park System Areas
Designation of Wilderness Areas
Parks in the Nation’s Capital
Related Areas
Regional Offices
Maps of the National Park System
Statistical Summary

Part 2
Listing of National Park System
Areas by State

Part 3
Related Areas
Authorized Areas
Affiliated Areas
National Heritage Areas
National Wild and Scenic Rivers System
National Trails System
Alphabetical Listing

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Audience: This resource should provide beneficial information to historians, especially State historians.  Based on the historical value of content contained in this volume, public, academic, special, and state libraries should have a copy of this resource in their historical reference collections.

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The correct datess covered in this edition should be 2012-2016. GPO is aware of the error and confusion with the NPS centennial dates.
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