You Cannot Surge Trust ISBN 9780945274704

You Cannot Surge Trust: Combined Naval Operations of the Royal Australian Navy, Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, and United States Navy, 1991-2003

Agency Publisher: Defense Dept., Navy. Naval History and Heritage Command
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You Cannot Surge Trust comprises four case studies in which naval historians from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. explain how naval powers created a multinational, or "combined," framework of interoperability while under national rules of engagement. The four crises addressed are maritime interdiction operations during the First Gulf War (1990-1991), and later in 2001-2003 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom; naval operations off the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Operation Sharp Guard (1991-1996); and peacekeeping operations in East Timor during Operation Stabilise (1999-2000). Edited by Sandra J. Doyle.

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Audience: Members of the military, especially the Navy, naval tacticians, members of government and policymakers, as well as historians and students studying warfare/politics/the military, will be interested in this compilation of historical case studies.

Keywords: first gulf war, operation enduring freedom, operation sharp guard, navy in Yugoslavia, operation, sabilise, naval operations, u.s. navy, Australian navy, Canadian navy, royal navy

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Defense Dept., Navy. Naval History and Heritage Command
Doyle, Sandra J. Editor
Weir, Gary E. Principal In
2013: 250 p.; ill.
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Review in Joint Force Quarterly, September 30, 2014 issue

Excerpt from Joint Force Quarterly Review (September 30, 2014 issue),:  "You Cannot Surge Trust demonstrates how success can be achieved. It should be required reading for all officers who aspire to lead combined maritime operations some time in their careers."


Award Winner, 2013 -- Selected as one of Notable Government Documents, 2013 --featured in Library Journal, Three Decades of Excellence article at

Each year, the ALA GODORT Notable Documents Panel selects what it considers to be the most “Notable Government Documents” published during the previous year by Federal, state, and local governments and includes the list of winners in its prestigious Library Journal (LJ).  Known as "the most trusted and respected publication for the library community," LJ provides groundbreaking features and analytical news reports covering technology, management, policy and other professional concerns to public, academic and institutional libraries. Its hefty reviews sections evaluate 8000+ reviews annually of books, ebooks, audiobooks, videos/DVDs, databases, systems and websites."

You Cannot Surge Trust: Combined Naval Operations of the Royal Australian Navy, Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, and United States Navy, 1991–2003. Gary E. Weir, principal investigator. Washington, DC. Naval History & Heritage Command. 329p. illus. maps. $38. ISBN 9780945274704. SuDoc# D 221.2:SU 7. GPO Stock# 008-046-00287-8. $38.

The premise of this investigation is that the U.S. military can no longer act alone as the world’s only superpower. Within the context of a general history of the role of naval power in defense policy development and using examples dating back to the Revolutionary War, Weir outlines the increasing dependence nations have on one another and argues that conflicts between partners caused by varying rules of engagement can be overcome.



Excerpted from Navy News Service article "Navy Releases New Book, 'You Cannot Surge Trust'":

The book, which details the combined naval operations of the Royal Australian Navy, Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, and United States Navy, 1991-2003, compiles the work of U.S. naval historians, Jeff Barlow, Ed Marolda, Randy Papadopoulos, and Gary Weir and of authors from the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

"You Cannot Surge Trust," tells the recent story of trust built among allied Sailors-the key to a maritime coalition's success. The authors offer a view of national navies operating together in the Gulf War and off the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as well as East Timor, and Afghanistan. The shared trust, technology, and training fostered their interoperability and are essential to US Navy leaders today, as navies increasingly rely on each other.

"You can look at 'You Cannot Surge Trust' two ways," said Sarandis "Randy" Papadopoulos, PhD., Secretariat Historian Department of the Navy, who was one of the authors of the book. "One, is that the issues that it addresses are timeless. How do you work with allies and partners? It is an enduring question and the book addresses it. Two, more immediately, Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, has come up with four 'P's' that he thinks are important to how the Navy and the Department of the Navy operates - People, platforms, power, and partnerships. This book speaks to two of those issues -people and partnerships - directly. I think it's very important that Navy Sailors and operational commanders get an idea of how this was done before and 'You Cannot Surge Trust' will do that."You Cannot Surge Trust: Combined Naval Operations of the Royal Australian Navy, Canadian Navy, Royal Navy, and United States Navy, 1991-2003