Surging South of Baghdad: The 3d Infantry Division and Task Force MARNE in Iraq

Surging South of Baghdad: The 3d Infantry Division and Task Force MARNE in Iraq, 2007-2008

Agency Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History
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CMH Publication 59-2-1. Global War on Terrorism Series. This first in-depth study of counterinsurgency operations in Iraq during the troop surge examines the war in the Multi-National Division Center, an area of operations established in the spring of 2007 to focus on the insurgent sanctuaries and supply lines south of the Iraqi capital. It provides a valuable perspective for the ongoing counterinsurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Audience: This publication would be useful to the military's analysis community, civilian leaders, military commanders and staff officers at all levels, policymakers, members of government and defense agencies/contractors, and members of military-focused committees.  This publication would also be useful to historians and students engaged with historical/political/military studies.

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Defense Dept., Army, Center of Military History
Andrade, Dale
2010: 447 p.; ill.
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Center of Military History Publication 59 2 1
Global War on Terrorism Series
Army History
Iraq War, 2003 -
Military History
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