U.S. Army Psychiatry in the Vietnam War: New Challenges in Extended Counterinsur

U.S. Army Psychiatry in the Vietnam War: New Challenges in Extended Counterinsurgency Warfare

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During Vietnam War (1965-1973), the US Army suffered a severe breakdown in soldier morale and discipline in Vietnam -- matters that are not only at the heart of military leadership, but also ones that overlap with the mission of Army psychiatry.  The psychosocial strain on deployed soldiers and their leaders in Vietnam, especially during the second half of the war, produced a wide array of individual and group symptoms that thoroughly tested Army psychiatrists and mental health colleagues there. 

This book seeks to consolidate a history of the military psychiatric experience in Vietnam through assembling and synthesizing extant information from a wide variety of sources documenting the success and failure of the Army's psychiatry in responding to the psychiatric and behavioral problems that changed and expanded as the war became protracted and bitterly controversial.

Note to the readers. This volume utilizes some materials that are not available either in print or online.  Several colleagues gave me access to their personal journals kept during their tours in Vietnam. Other colleagues shared papers they had written either during their tours in Vietnam or after their return home, but had never published. Other unpublished sources of information include handouts or other materials I received at various times during my Army career: when I attended Officer Basic Course, when I completed my residency, when I deployed to Vietnam, and after my return. None of these materials are considered “sensitive” by the military. I have included some of these materials as exhibits in the chapters, attachments to the chapters, or appendices to the volume. They are also listed in the references for each chapter, followed by a note that the document is available as indicated in this volume.

Table of Contents:

About the Author | v
Foreword | vii
Preface e | ix
Acknowledgments | xi
Prologue A Psychiatrist’s Experience During the Drawdown in Vietnam:
Coping With Epidemic Demoralization, Dissent, and Dysfunction at the
Tipping Point | xiii
Chapter 1 Contexts of the Vietnam War and Army Psychiatry: A Debilitating
War Fought a Long Way From Home | 1
Chapter 2 Overview of the Army’s Accelerating Psychiatric and Behavioral
Challenges: From Halcyon to Heroin | 35
Chapter 3 Organization of Army Psychiatry, I: Psychiatric Services in the
Combat Divisions | 73
Chapter 4 Organization of Army Psychiatry, II: Hospital-Based Services and the
Theater Psychiatric Leadership | 101
Chapter 5 The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Survey of Army Psychiatrists
Who Served in Vietnam | 125
Chapter 6 Combat Stress and Its Effects: Combat’s Bloodless Casualties | 145
Chapter 7 Treatment of Combat Reaction Casualties: Providing Humanitarian Care
While “Protecting Peace in Southeast Asia” | 211
Chapter 8 Deployment Stress, Inverted Morale, and Psychiatric Attrition:
“We Are the Unwilling, Led by the Unqualified, Doing the Unnecessary,
for the Ungrateful” | 259
Chapter 9 Substance Abuse in the Theatre: The Big Story | 321




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Audience: Vietnam Veterans, historians, students and teachers studying the Vietnam War, military psychiatrists, civilian psychiatrists working with military members and veterans, and members of the general public interested in the Vietnam War will find this book a fascinating study.

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United States Army Psychiatry in the Vietnam War: New Challenges in Extended Counterinsurgency Warfare
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Eric Walters rated this book with a four star rating on November 20, 2016

Frank rated this book with a three star rating on May 14, 2015


Sage Journals Book Reviews   -- Reviewed by Reuven Gal, Samual Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, Technician -- Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel   December 23, 2015  

"This is probably the first and certainly the most comprehensive review that was ever published on the subject.  Unlike former wars, such as World War I, World War II, and Korea, that generated vast amounts of literature on combat and war psychiatry, the parallel literature following the Vietnam War is limited, fragmented, and confused.  The source of this limitation is rooted in the unique nature and circumstances of that war."


DOI: 10.1177/0095327x15617451