Harry E. Schwarz and the Development of Water Resources and Environmental Planning: Planning Methods in an Era of Challenge and Change

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This publication about Harry E. Schwarz’s contributions to water resources and environmental planning is published as part of the Maass-White Library Series in Water Planning and Management.  This new series is devoted to research and development that reflects the broad influence of Arthus Maass and Gilbert White on U.S. and international water resources management.  Schwarz, a longtime colleague and friend of both men, was the first practitioner in a major Federal agency, and indeed in the international community, to adopt and implement many of the ideas and methods developed by Maass and White.  This volume makes available a substantial selection of Schwarz’s innovative work, and traces his influence on the practice of modern water resources planning and management in the Corps of Engineers.

During the last third of the twentieth century there was a series of connected, fast-moving changes in water and environmental planning, a transition from the previous period of water development to an era of enlightened management.  These included: multiobjective water resources planning in the 1960s; the environmental movement of the 1970s; emphasis on water quality and demand management in the 1980s; and finally the era of sustainable development and integrated water resources management in the 1990s through today.  The ideas and actions of Maass, White, and Schwarz anticipated and helped to bring about many of these changes.

Table of Contents (Summary)

The Maass-White Library Series in Water Planning and Management iii
Foreword v
Preface vii
Acknowledgments ix
Chapter 1 - Introduction: The purpose and plan of the volume 1
Chapter 2 - Harry E. Schwarz: Personal biography 5
Chapter 3 - The engineering background: Water planning, hydrology, computers, and the Corps of Engineers from WWII to 1960 13
Chapter 4 - the development of planning methods: The Potomac Study, the Susquehanna, and the Harvard Water Program p. 43
Chapter 5 - New planning methods: The North Atlantic Regional (NAR) Study 89
Chapter 6 - The Northeastern United States Water Supply Study 167
Chapter 7 - Reflections on water and environmental planning 203
Chapter 8 - New challenges: Water quality, climate change and water supply, and groundwater contamination 235
Chapter 9 - The university and overseas 293
Chapter 10 - Overview and perspectives: Harry E. Schwarz and the development of water resources and environmental planning 333
Appendix 1 - Personal chronology 339
Appendix 2 - Bibliography 343
Appendix 3 - List of Personal memoirs and Reminiscences 349
Appendix 4 - Engineer Profile: Interview with Harry E. Schwarz 351
Appendix 5 - Biographical Sketches: Arthur Maass and Gilbert F. White 433
Index 439

Audience: Anyone interested in the connections between water and environmental planning; the history of the Institute for Corps of Engineers and the Institute for Water Resources; figures instrumental in developing unique methods of water and environmental improvement and preservation will greatly benefit from this book.  In addition, students, scholars, government scientists and academic administrators should look to this book for inspirational concepts that can be adopted and applied by water resource practitioners, scholars, and political decision-makers alike.

Keywords: water planning, water management, environmental management, environmental preservation, water preservation, water quality, water and urbanization, wastewater studies, river basin planning, protection of dams, protection of levees, flood frequencies, water planning case study.

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Defense Dept., Army, Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources
Major, David C.
2010: 458 p. ill. 2016-repr.
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Planning Methods in an Era of Challenge and Change
Schwarz, Harry E.
Water Resources
Environmental Planning
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