U.S. Free Trade Agreements: 20 Ways To Grow Your Business

U.S. Free Trade Agreements: 20 Ways To Grow Your Business

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Less than one percent of all U.S. businesses export and of those that do, 56 percent sell to only one market.  These same business owners tell researchers that the reason for not exporting is that they are not confident choosing the best markets for their products and services and that they are wary of risk.

Free Trade Agreements: 20 Ways to Grow Your Business takes the mystery out of exporting by analyzing opportunities in country markets where the U.S. government has negotiated preferential access for U.S. companies.  The book provides detailed information on best prospects, insights on the economic and political situation, tips on business culture, free and low-cost assistance for entering each market.  The book also describes how dramatically trade has grown as a result of the free trade agreements.

Also included are case studies of smaller U.S. companies who have succeeded by targeting this group of countries which includes Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, new agreement partners including Peru, South Korea, and Colombia are explored. Written in plain language and illustrated with graphs and tables, this resource is the long-awaited handbook for entering and succeeding in new markets.

Free Trade Agreements: 20 Ways to Grow Your Business is appropriate for anyone looking to grow their U.S. business in markets outside of the United States.  Additionally, the content will appeal to community college through graduate tiered business schools with courses specializing in business, distribution, global business studies, and international marketing.  The case studies and new countries for trade agreement partners will provide educators with updated information for training students that wish to embark on a career in multinational business.


Introduction. 3

Asia and the Pacific. 7

Australia. 9

Singapore. 19

Korea. 27

North American Free Trade Agreement:  Canada and Mexico. 32

Canada. 35

Mexico. 43

Latin America and the Caribbean. 55

Costa Rica. 64

Dominican Republic. 70

El Salvador 76

Guatemala. 82

Honduras. 87

Nicaragua. 93

Chile. 99

Peru. 108

Colombia. 116

Panama. 123

Middle East and North Africa. 133

Bahrain. 134

Israel 142

Jordan. 150

Morocco. 158

Oman. 165

Rules of Origin for free trade agreements. 173

Rules of Origin and why they matter 174

Categories of Rules of Origin. 175

Regional Value Content based rule. 175

Build-up method: 176

Build-down method: 176

Other important ROO considerations. 177

When a product with non-originating material meets the ROO.. 179

Guide to Our Services. 181



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