Sept/oct 2020; Military Review

Sept/oct 2020; Military Review
Sept/oct 2020; Military Review
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As one of the premier military journals, "Military Review" provides a forum for original thought and debate on the art and science of land warfare and other issues of current interest to the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense. Bimonthly periodical with a 7th special issue. Subscription price covers issues for 1 year. Subscription service begins with the next issue after the order is processed. Single copy $14.00; foreign single copy, $19.60. Copies of latest 3 issues will be retained in stock for individual purchase. MR. File Code 2N.

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Table of Contents

6 The Question Why Would China Not Invade Taiwan Now?

10 Time Horizons Drive Potential Taiwan Cross-Strait Conflict 

21 How to Counter China’s Disinformation Campaign in Taiwan 

33 Economic Warfare China’s Financial Alternative to Military Reunification with Taiwan 

44 Taiwan and the U.S. Army New Opportunities amid Increasing Threats 

54 Deterring the Dragon Returning U.S. Forces to Taiwan 

68 Drive Them into the Seaon Warfare Deterring and Winning the Tactical Fight

82 Russian New Generation

95 Steal the Firewood from Under the Pot The Role of Intellectual Property Theft in Chinese Global Strategy

110 Venezuela in Light of Anti-American Parties and Affiliations in Latin America

127 The 2003 Battle of Baghdad A Case Study of Urban Battle during

140 Strong Reasons Make Strong Actions Closing the Leadership Gap in the Army Medical Corps

148 Unit Status Reports and the Gaming of Readiness

158 Sailing True North


Members of the military (active and reserve), military leaders and tacticians, the Department of Defense, staff of defense agencies and defense contractors, and members of academia involved in warfare studies would be interested in this publication. In addition, Veterans and military enthusiasts from the general public would enjoy this publication.

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