Russian Challenges From Now Into The Next Generation: A Geostrategic Primer

Russian Challenges From Now Into The Next Generation: A Geostrategic Primer
Russian Challenges From Now Into The Next Generation: A Geostrategic Primer
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Under President Putin’s leadership, Russia has become increasingly aggressive and strident with its foreign policy towards the West, in particular, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) European members and America.

The authors of this forward thinking publication explore some of the challenges facing America’s and the free world’s next generation who will live in the shadow of Russia’s foreign relations decisions. This text digs deep into the realities civil and military policy makers must face given the increasingly hostile relations with the West as Russia expands relations with China, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and others in the Middle East and Eurasia.

  • Conditions appear to continue to deteriorate with acts by Russia that reinforce Putin’s agenda to re-establish Russia as a major player in the world’s military, political, and economic near and long term future. Acts such as:
  • the illegal annexation of Crimea in March 2014
  • an increasingly messy and bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine
  • the uncertainty of critical revenue from the global sale of oil given the present turmoil in the Middle East

The authors describe in detail the potentially volatile differences that drive Russian foreign policy while offering potential strategies and directions to diffuse future potential dangers and aggression towards others, especially Americans and Western leaders.

As noted in the title, “A Geostrategic Primer”, this insightful analysis of Russian dominance, to strengthen its allied partnerships is “must read” for anyone engaged in international affairs, commerce, military analysis or individuals concerned about the state of the world today.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary 1

Introduction 2

Russia and Its Perception of Existential Threats 6

A Short Geostrategic Survey Around Russia’s Periphery 8

The Russian Military 39

Further Afield: Latin America and Africa 44

Reemerging Nuclear Concerns.47

Possible Worst-Case Scenarios 51

Internal Concerns 54

The Renewed Foundational Role of Religion 57

Strategic Deception and the Gray Zone 59

The United States and Russia 61

Policy Recommendations for Consideration 62

Conclusion 67


Department of Defense (DOD) officials and program experts, other government agencies, especially those engaged in Russian diplomatic and military affairs, and members of Congress. Faculty, students of undergraduate/graduate school programs may be interested to offer this text as supplemental reading for military science, Russian Studies, and international relations courses, American and international analysts of Russian military affairs and citizens with an interest in post-Soviet Union history and military restructuring may want this book for their personal library.

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Defense Dept., National Defense University, Institute for National Strategic Studies, Center for Strategic Research
  • Zwack, Peter B.
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