Revival of Political Islam in the Aftermath of Arab Uprisings: Implications for the Region and Beyond

Revival of Political Islam in the Aftermath of Arab Uprisings: Implications for the Region and Beyond
Revival of Political Islam in the Aftermath of Arab Uprisings: Implications for the Region and Beyond
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Regime change during the Arab Spring allowed Islamist political forces that had long been marginalized to achieve political influence in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Morocco’s first government led by an Islamist party has been in power since January 2012. This trend caused widespread concern over the future direction of these states; but despite the tragic example of Egypt, few negative predictions have yet been borne out. The author cautions against an overly simplistic assessment of this rise in the influence and power of political Islam. He shows that the political crises besetting each of these Islamist governments are not necessarily of their own making, but instead are determined by objective circumstances. He describe how, in several key respects, the aims of Islamist parties are in line with U.S. aspirations for the region.

MOHAMMED EL-KATIRI is a Director of MENA Insights, a political risk consultancy that focuses on the Middle East and North Africa, and a Senior Research Analyst at the United Kingdom’s (UK) Conflict  Studies Research Centre (CSRC). Before joining CSRC, Dr. El-Katiri was a Research Fellow at the UK Defence Academy, and later served as a Political Risk Analyst
at Eurasia Group and as a senior researcher at the Hague Institute for Global Justice. He has more than 10 years of regional experience. His research interests include political and economic security in North Africa and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, North African relations with the European Union, and security policies around the Mediterranean. Dr. El-Katiri has published numerous internal and external UK Defence Academy reports, including reference papers on national and regional security issues in the GCC and the Mediterranean and a monograph on the Algerian national oil and gas company Sonatrach. His publications also include commentaries and research papers in a range of languages for research organizations in the UK and Europe, as well as various newspaper articles dealing with the region. Dr. El-Katiri is a frequent commentator in media, including the BBC, the Financial Times, and Al-Jazeera.


The Strategic Studies Institute recommends this monograph to all readers studying and working with North African states, U.S. policymakers, military historians, political scientists, think tank strategy firms, as well as those interested in the topic of political Islam more broadly. Military Science, national security, and global studies programs may find this text helpful for their research needs.

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Defense Dept., Army, Strategic Studies Institute; and Army War College
  • El-Katiri, Mohammed
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  • Islam in the Aftermath of Arab Uprisings
  • Political Islam in the Aftermath of Arab Uprisings
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