Research and Technology Development Report 2014: Johnson Space Center

Research and Technology Development Report 2014: Johnson Space Center
Research and Technology Development Report 2014: Johnson Space Center
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The Research and Technology Development Report 2014 highlights Johnson Space Center's (JSC's) scientific and technological research, engineering innovations, and the technology investments in support of NASA’s exploration roadmap.

As we look to the future, we are leading the way by investing in new innovations and technologies to pursue bold missions, including sending humans to deep space to compelling destinations such as near-Earth asteroids and Mars. JSC’s talented scientists and engineers bridge the boundary between conceptual laboratory and basic research and technology development, and real-life spaceflight applications. These research and technology developments have matured and evolved over the years.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Ellen Ochoa

Kamlesh Lulla

Strategic Opportunities and Partnership Development Office
Yolanda Marshall, Douglas A. Terrier, Steven Gonzalez

Technology and Innovation: Investing in the Future at Johnson Space Center
Douglas A. Terrier

The Human Health and Performance Directorate: A Comparative Analysis of Innovation Within an Organization
Jeffrey R. Davis, Kathryn E. Keeton, Elizabeth E. Mary C. McFather

Human Health, Life Support and Habitation Systems, and Space Medicine
Advancing No-Drill Dentistry - Treatment of Human Carries
George D. Arndt, Diane Byerly, Marguerite A. Sognier, John Dusl, Ivan Stangel

Microwave Energy Countermeasure for Skin Disorders
Diane Byerly, George D. Arndt, John Dusl, Marguerite Sognier

A Potential Path to Understanding Vision Changes During Spaceflight
Scott M. Smith, Sara R. Zwart

Human Research Program
William Paloski, Barbara Corbin

Magnet Architectures and Active Radiation Shielding Study
Kenneth Bollweg, Shayne C. Westover, Steve Blattnig, Robert Singleterry, Rainer B. Meinke, Scott A. Washburn, William J. Burger, Steve Van Sciver, Roberto Battiston

Use of Gas Chromatograph-Differential Mobility Spectrometer for Volatile Organic Compound Monitoring on the
International Space Station
John T. James, Thomas F. Limero, Eric S. Reese, William T. Wallace, Patti F. Cheng, John B. Trowbridge

Organ Dose Projection and Acute Radiation Sickness Assessment
Francis A. Cucinotta, Myung-Hee Y. Kim, Shaowen Hu, Hatem N. Nounu

NASA Space Cancer Risk Assessment 2012
Francis Cucinotta, Patrick O’Neill, Myung-Hee Y. Kim, Lori Chappell, Shaowen Hu, Ianik Plante, Hatem N. Nounu......

Pharmaceutical Product Development:Intranasal Scopolamine (INSCOP) Metered Dose Spray
Lakshmi Putcha, Vernie R. Daniels

Comparative Benchmark Dose Modeling as a Tool to Make the First Estimate of Safe Human Exposure Levels to Lunar Dust
John T. James, Robert R. Scully, Chiu-wing Lam

Lower Body Gradient Compression Garments Protect Against Orthostatic Intolerance After Bed Rest
Steven H. Platts, Michael C. Willig, Rob Ploutz-Snyder, Michael B. Stenger, Stuart M. C. Lee, L. Christine Ribeiro,Tiffany R. Phillips

A Novel Noninvasive Technology to Estimate Peripheral Venous Pressure
Alan H. Feiveson, Steven H. Platts, David S. Martin, Michael B. Stenger, Stuart M. C. Lee, Tim Caine, Sydney P. Stein,Tim Matz

Improved Efficiency With a Suite of Custom Ultrasound Analysis Programs
Steven H. Platts, Natalia M. Arzeno, L. Christine Ribeiro, Timothy L. Caine, David S. Martin, Michael B. Stenger, Stuart M. C. Lee

Novel Assessment of Dynamic Muscle Function Using Ultrasound
Natalia Arzeno, David Martin, Tim Caine, Kyle Hackney, Lori Ploutz-Snyder, Jessica Scott

Improving Human Research and Astronaut Care with NASA Life Sciences Data
Ken Jenks, Kathy Johnson-Throop, Binaifer Kadwa, Mary Van Baalen, Stacie Ray, Diedre Thomas, Jacque Havelka, Sara Mason, Adriana Babiak-Vazquez, Jacqueline Charvat, Lesley Lee, Mary Wear

Improving Balance Function Following Long-Duration Spaceflight by Enhancing Signal Information from the
Inner Ear
Millard Reschke, Scott Wood, Jacob Bloomberg, Ajitkumar Mulavara, Matthew Fiedler, Igor Kofman, Yiri E. De Dios, Chris  Miller, Rachel Brady, Brian Peters, Raquel Galvan, Helen Cohen

Human Exploration Systems, Technologies for Extravehicular Activity and
Harsh Environments
Spacesuit Evaporator-Absorber-Radiator (SEAR)
Grant C. Bue, Mike Izenson, Weibo Chen, Ed Hodgson

Reduced Volume Prototype Spacesuit Water Membrane Evaporator
Janice V. Makinen, Grant C. Bue, Colin Campbell, Aaron Colunga

Environmental Technologies
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design at Johnson Space Center
Steve Farley

Materials, Structures, Development and Testing
Ablative Thermal Protection System Modeling
Adam Amar, Benjamin Kirk, A. Brandon Oliver

Monopropellant (AF-M315E) Product Characterization
Benjamin Greene, Mark B. McClure, Dion J. Mast

Correlation and Improvement of Modeling of Hypervelocity Impact, Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris Impacts
onto Spacecraft Windows
John Alred, Larry Vuong

Inflatable Habitat Development
Molly Selig, Gerard Valle

Analysis of Material Specimens on the Komplast Experiment After Long-term Exposure on the International
Space Station
John Alred, Julie Henkener, John Golden, Michael Kravchenko

Improved Measurement of Ejection Velocities from Craters Formed in Sand
Mark J. Cintala, Terry Byers, Francisco Cardenas, Roland Montes, Elliot E. Potter

Shell/NASA Vibration-Based Damage Characterization
John Michael Rollins

Advancements in Capsule Parachute Analysis
David Bretz

NASGRO - Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis Software
Joachim Beek, Royce Forman

Crew Perspective on Time Delayed Voice Communications
Marcum L. Reagan, Stanley G. Love

Solving Problems for Spacewalking Astronauts from Small Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris Impacts
E.L. Christiansen, D.M. Lear

Stiffness Characteristics of Foams for Applications Requiring Exposure to Harsh Space Environments
Gabriel Ortiz-Sanchez, Erica S. Worthy

Sub-Scale Re-entry Capsule Drop Test via High-Altitude Balloon
Ron Sostaric, Nicole Dawkins

Development Testing of the Capsule Parachute Assembly System (CPAS)
Christopher Johnson, Ricardo Machin, Michele Parker, Rilla Wolf

Developing Rotary Blade Landing Technology
Jeffrey D. Hagen, Brent A. Evernden

Correlation of Direct Localized Resistivity Measurements with Fiber Damage in Bare IM7 Carbon Fiber Tows
Nathanael Greene, Daniel Wentzel, Regor Saulsberry, Igor Sevostianov

Space Power, Energy Storage, and Propulsion
Fuel Cell Mass Trade for LOX/Methane Lander
Abigail C. Ryan

Battery Development for Spaceflight Projects
Judith A. Jeevarajan, Elvia Garcia, Gilbert Varela, Martin Martinez

Advanced Battery Technology Programs and Testing
Judith A. Jeevarajan, Bruce Duffield

Magnetic Nozzle Effects on Plasma Plumes
Frans H. Ebersohn, John V. Shebalin

Robotics, Tele-Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Software
Core Flight Software Reuse in Human-Rated Systems
Lorraine Williams, Steve Duran

Project Morpheus Lander Software: Built upon Reusable Software Architectures
Lorraine Williams, Robert O. Shelton, Robert L. Hirsh

Software-Based Graphical Processor Unit for Use Beyond Low-Earth Orbit
Glen Steele, Jairo Sanchez, Lee Morin, George Salazar, Joel Busa, Patrick Laport, Tim Verborgh

Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) Field Testing
David K. Rutishauser, Chirold D. Epp, Edward A. Robertson

Morpheus Engine Calibration Using Image Processing and Parameter Estimation
Wyatt Johnson

Tool for Rapid Analysis of Monte Carlo Simulations (TRAM)
Carolina Restrepo, Kurt E. McCall, John E. Hurtado

Telepresence for Deep Space Missions
Oron Schmidt, Levi Dexter, Brian Greenly, Blake Hubbard

Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Guidance, Navigation, and Control Model-Based Development of Flight Software
Joel R. Henry, Mark C. Jackson

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Assistant Tool
Melissa D. Flores, Jane T. Malin, Land D. Fleming

Development of a Flight Debris Monitoring Tool
Mike Bernatovich, Jeff Fox, Matthew Hart, Don Reed, Kristin Bledsoe, Patrick Laport

Exploration, Planetary Science, and Sensor Systems
Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle
Orion Team

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program
Trent M. Smith, Steven P. Siceloff

Flight Deck of the Future
Mary McCabe, Christie Sauers

Reconfigurable Electronic Textile Garments
Cory Simon

Designing a Food System for a Mars Habitat Mission
Grace Douglas, Maya Cooper

Nanophase Iron-Induced Reactivity of Ground Lunar Soil
Antony S. Jeevarajan, William T. Wallace

Third International In-Situ Resource Utilization Analog Field Test
Gerald B. Sanders, Dean Eppler, William E. Larson, Jackie Quinn

NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operations - Science Operations Development for Human Exploration
Mary Sue Bell

Small-Scale Impact Processes on Stony Asteroids
Mark J. Cintala, David W. Mittlefehldt, Friedrich Hörz, Francisco Cardenas

Shock Effects on Cometary - Dust Simulants
Susan M. Lederer, Elizabeth Jensen, Diane H. Wooden, Sean S. Lindsay, Douglas H. Smith, Keiko Nakamura-Messenger Lindsay P. Keller, Francisco Cardenas, Mark J. Cintala, Roland Montes

Early Life on Earth and the Search for Extraterrestrial Biosignatures
Dorothy Z. Oehler, Christopher House

The Water Content of Earth’s Continental Mantle is Controlled by the Circulation of Fluids or Melts
Anne Peslier, Alan B. Woodland, David R. Bell, Marina Lazarov, Thomas J. Lapen

Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence and the Geodynamo
John V. Shebalin

Helping the Next Generation Space Vehicles Be Safe and Successful
Alison J. Dinsel, Adam L. Gilmore

Dividing the Concentrator Target from the Genesis Mission
H.V. Lauer Jr., P.J. Burkett, S.J. Clemett, C.P. Gonzales, K. Nakamura-Messenger, M.C. Rodriguez, T.H. See,
B. Sutter

A New Martian Meteorite Found is One of the Most Oxidized to Date
Hejiu Hui, Anne Peslier, Thomas J. Lapen, John T. Shafer, Alan D. Brandon, Anthony J. Irving

Water in the Oldest Lunar Rocks: The Moon is ‘Wetter’ Than Previously Thought
Hejiu Hui, Anne Peslier, Youxue Zhang, Clive Neal,

Constraining Early Planetary Differentiation: The Link Between Chondrites and Achondrites Revealed from the
Study of Aubrite Meteorites
David van Acken, Alan D. Brandon, Munir Humayun, Anne Peslier

Standards-Based Wireless Sensor Networks and Modular Instrumentation for Spaceflight Applications
Richard J. Barton, Patrick W. Fink, Raymond S. Wagner

2012 Analog Mission Overview
Barbara A. Janoiko, Marcum L. Reagan, James E. Johnson

Geolab: A Geological Workstation for Future Missions
Cynthia Evans, Michael Calaway, Mary Sue Bell, Zheng. Li, Shuo Tong, Ye Zhong, Ravi Dahiwala

The 2012 Moon and Mars Analog Mission
Lee Graham

NEEMO 16: Evaluation of Techniques and Equipment for Human Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids
Marcum L. Reagan, Michael L. Gernhardt, Steven P. Chappell, Andrew F. Abercromby, William L. Todd

NASA Research and Technology Studies (RATS) 2012: Evaluation of Human and Robotic Systems for Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids
Marcum L. Reagan, James E. Johnson, Barbara A. Janoiko, Michael L. Gernhardt, Andrew F. J. Abercromby, Steven P.  Chappell, Harry L. Litaker

Rewriting the Landform History of one of Africa’s Three Largest Basins
M.J. Wilkinson

Flammability and Explosive Technologies
Burning of Commercially Pure Titanium in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres
Joel Stoltzfus, Nathan Jeffers, Timothy D. Gallus

Titanium Ignition Temperature Measurement Techniques
Joel Stoltzfus, Timothy D. Gallus

Space and Ground Operations
Space Station Visiting Spacecraft Communication System Multipath Environment During Rendezvous
Cindy Jih, Mark Chavez, Shian Hwu, Kanishka deSilva, Matthew Upanavage

Radio Frequency Exposure Analysis for Multiple Wi-Fi Devices in an Enclosed Environment
James R. Keiser, Catherine Sham, Shian Hwu, Bryan A. Rhodes, Alan H. Chu, Kanishka deSilva

Refined Leak Test Methods for Payloads Pressure Integrity Verification
Oleg M. Lvovsky

Augmenting Spacecraft Viewing With Virtual Windows
Max Haddock, Helen Neighbors

Technical Standards for Liquid Propellant Characterization
Benjamin Greene, Regor L. Saulsberry, Mark B. McClure

Discovery and Identification of Dimethylsilanediol as a Contaminant in International Space Station Potable Water
J. Torin McCoy, Jeffrey A. Rutz, John R. Schultz, C. Mike Kuo

Impact of Time Delay to Crew and Ground Workload and Coordination
Kara Pohlkamp, Jeff Mauldin, Lui Wang, Lee Morin, Jeremy Frank, Rob McCann

Using Mathematical Optimization to Improve Extravehicular Activity Planning
Paul Felker, Javier Salmeron

Portable Simulator for On-Board International Space Station Emergency Training
Michael Root, Lucia McCullough, Scott Segadi, Clinton Balmain, Kathy Bolt, Harold Brian

Rigorous Antenna Noise Temperature Analysis for International Space Station Visiting Spacecrafts
Cindy Jih, Mark Chavez, Timothy Early, Catherine Sham, Shian Hwu, Kanishka deSilva

Modular Instrumentation System
Paul Delaune, Hester Yim, Richard Barton, Raymond Wagner

Terahertz Signal Propagation Characteristics for Spacecraft Applications
Cindy Jih, Catherine Sham, James R. Keiser, Shian Hwu, Kanishka deSilva

International Space Station Designing Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Power System
Eugene Schwanbeck, Penni Dalton

Foot Pedals for Spacecraft Manual Control
Stanley G. Love, Lee M. Morin, Mary E. McCabe

Development and Execution of Autonomous Procedures Onboard the International Space Station to Support the Next Phase of Human Space Exploration
Susan Beisert, Michael Rodriggs, Francisco Moreno, Stanley Love, David Korth, Stephen Gibson, Young H. Lee, Donald E. Eagles

Virtual Guidance: Just-in-Time Training for Ophthalmic Ultrasound
Steven H. Platts, Sydney P. Stein, Timothy P. Matz, David S. Martin, Timothy L. Caine, Michael B. Stenger, Stuart M. C. Lee

Space Habitability Operation Reporting Tool: Development, Testing and Transition to Operations Plan
M. Whitmore, S. S. Thaxton, H. L. Litaker
International Space Station Virtual Reality Trainer
Brian Mader, Evelyn Miralles, Brad Bell, Jeff Hoblit

The Value of Human-in-the-Loop Testing in Designing Human-Rated Spacecraft
Nathan R. Moore, Robert L. Howard, Harry L. Litaker Jr., Maijinn Chen, Bryan A. Cloyd, Carl S. Conlee, Evan S. Twyford

Speech Intelligibility Studies on the Vocera Communication Badge and the Apple iPAD
Cory Simon, Andy Romero, Haifa Moses, Harry L. Litaker Jr., Shao-Sheng R. Chu, Ronald D. Archer

Toughened Thermal Blankets for Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris Protection
Eric Christiansen, Dana Lear

The International Space Station: A Unique Platform for Remote Sensing of Natural Disasters
William L. Stefanov, Cynthia A. Evans

Core Operations, Mission Planning, and Analysis Spacecraft Simulation (COMPASS) Project
Chris Glenn, Bryan Evans, Marc Abadie

The Apollo Lunar Sample Image Collection: Digital Archiving and Online Access
Nancy S. Todd, William L. Stefanov, Gary E. Lofgren, Patricia A. Garcia

Ultra-Wideband Time-Difference-of-Arrival High Resolution 3-D Proximity Tracking System
Dickey Arndt, Phong Ngo, Chau Phan, Kent Dekome, Jianjun Ni, John Dusl

A Demonstration of an Autonomous Micro Spacecraft for the Return of Scientific Samples from Exploration
Carlos R. Ortiz-Longo

Satellite Deployment from the International Space Station
Oscar J. Guzman, Matthew P. Hershey

Characterizing Electrospray Ionization for Potential In-flight Water Monitoring
Ariel V. Macatangay, Thomas F. Limero, William T. Wallace, Daniel B. Gazda

Electro-Thermal Vaporizer Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry for Sensitive and High Throughput
Water Contaminant Analysis
Ariel V. Macatangay, Thomas F. Limero, William T. Wallace, Daniel B. Gazda, Facundo M. Fernández, Prabha

Software Toolkit for Ethernet Lab-Like Architecture (STELLA)
Michael J. Coats, Amanda Rice

International Space Station High-Rate Communications Upgrades
Penny Roberts, Gary Cox, Sundeep Kwatra

Effectiveness of Satellite Postmission Disposal to Limit the Orbital Debris Population Growth in Low Earth Orbit
J.-C. Liou

Rudimentary Cleaning Compared to Level 300A
Christina Y. Piña Arpin, Joel Stoltzfus

Colorimetric Detection and Decontamination of Ionic Monopropellants
Benjamin Greene, Mark B. McClure, Claudia J. Galvan

Inspiring Future Generations: Education and Outreach
The Human Health and Performance Directorate/NASA Science & Technology Institute - Innovation & Inclusion
Pamela Denkins, Karla S. Marriott, Alamelu Sundaresan, Jinghe Mao, Shakhawat Bhuiyan, Jacqueline Madry-Taylor

NASA Human Health and Performance Center Collaboration Successes
Jeffrey R. Davis, Carissa J. Callini, Elizabeth E. Richard, MaGee Johnson

Seeing Earth from the Eyes of an Astronaut
Melissa Dawson

Education and Public Outreach (EPO) at NASA’s Analog Missions in 2011 and 2012
Barbara Janoiko, Wendy Watkins


Scientists, researchers, and students engaged in aerospace study may be interested in this publication.  In addition, members of government, Congress, policymakers, and committees and organizations concerned with NASA research the need for continued funding may want a copy of this publication.

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