The Relevance Of The European Union And The North Atlantic Treaty

The Relevance Of The European Union And The North Atlantic Treaty
The Relevance of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for the United States in the 21st Century
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The United States is waging a trade war against its closest allies in North America, Asia, and Europe. In Europe, there is an emerging consensus that European states can no longer count on the United States to provide leader­ship and security. In the United States, there is a greater focus on reciprocity in relations with the North Atlan­tic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU) and even skepticism over the continued relevance of those two organizations.

This highly pertinent and timely publication from the U. S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute begins by reviewing U.S. interests in Europe. According to the author those interests have not changed since the end of World War II. He notes, what has changed, how­ever, is the U.S. approach to furthering those interests.

According to the author the future of the transatlantic relationship rests on the grand strategy or strategic vision the United States decides to pursue going forward. Over its history, the United States has pursued different grand strate­gies based on domestic factors and the challenges and opportunities presented.

Competing visions of U.S. grand strategy going forward thus have a direct impact on the relevance of NATO and the EU. Ultimately, the grand strategy of the United States will determine the nature of U.S. relations with the EU and NATO and perhaps even determine their continued existence.

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Military policy strategists, analysts, intergovernmental agency personnel, American citizens with interests in European operations, and foreign policy advocates may be most interested in this guidance. Students pursuing research for coursework related to political science, international relations, and Contemporary European Studies may find this text a valuable resource.

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Defense Dept., Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute
  • Hillison, Joel R.
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