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Public Roads, V. 80, No. 4, Janaury/February 2017

Public Roads, V. 80, No. 4, Janaury/February 2017
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Public Roads Magazine is the bimonthly magazine of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and contains many articles relating to highway research, engineering, safety on the highways, surfacing, and other subjects in this field. Reading Public Roads is the easiest way to keep up-to-date on developments in federal highway policies, programs, and research and technology.

More specifically, the magazine covers advances and innovations in highway/traffic research and technology, critical national transportation issues, important activities and achievements of FHWA and others in the highway community, specific FHWA program areas, and subjects of interest to highway industry professionals. Each issue contains standard departments that include information on topics of general interest, notices of recent publications in research and development and in technology applications, Internet-related information applicable to transportation professionals, programs and courses offered by the National Highway Institute, and a calendar of major conferences and special events. Public Roads also emphasizes the continuing commitment of FHWA to be a world leader in promoting highway research and technology transfer.

Table of Contents

Peering Into the Crystal Ball by Heather Marie Rose
Looking back at the past and understanding the trends that are emerging today can provide clues to the future of transportation.

Encouraging Best Behavior by Kay Fitzpatrick, Ann Do, Michael P. Pratt, and Bruce Friedman
The results are in from recent FHWA research: Pedestrian hybrid beacons continue to improve safety at unsignalized crossings.

Leading on the International Stage by Agnes Velez, Alanna McKeeman, and Jessica Klion
Through participating in the World Road Association, the U.S. transportation community has benefited from learning about research, practices, and technologies in other countries.

Making Every Place Count by Camille Bonham and Corbin Davis
Workshops hosted by USDOT found context-sensitive solutions to reconnect communities previously divided by highway infrastructure.

Preparing for Change by Heather Holsinger
Improving the resilience of transportation infrastructure to a changing climate involves integrating preparations throughout the decisionmaking process from planning to design, construction, and beyond.

Championing Safety on Local Roads by Rosemarie Anderson, Pamela M. Beer, and Danena Gaines
Engaging officials and the public is essential to successfully implementing innovations on tribal, county, city, and other municipal roads.

Did You Hear That? by Lisa Kinner Bedsole, Ken E. Johnson, and Cathy Satterfield
Mumble strips show promise for fewer roadway departures with reduced road noise near residential and environmentally sensitive areas.


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For almost its entire 80 years, Public Roads was exclusively an in-house research journal for engineers, scientists, and economists. However, in the summer of 1993, Public Roads broadened its scope to represent the entire FHWA and to be relevant to a wider audience. The expanded audience includes all FHWA employees; international, national, state, and local transportation officials; members of highway-related professional societies and associations; researchers at technical libraries and technology transfer centers; professors and students of engineering and traffic management; members of appropriate congressional committees; and others interested in highway research and technology and in FHWA policies and programs.

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