A Persistent Fire

A Persistent Fire
A Persistent Fire
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The Strategic Ethical Impact of World War I on the Global Profession of Arms is the core message of this comprehensive and philosophical representation of what occurred during World War I on the battlefield, the incredible loss of human life, and the resulting development of increasingly more powerful and destructive military weaponry.

Author Timothy Mallard writes eloquently: “The profession of arms in the 21st century is at significant risk of losing its status as a profession due to several salient factors. Because of the rapid development of technology in relation to warfare, for instance, there are growing questions as to how much control human beings will retain of future combat, particularly given the speed of decision-making required for victory on the modern battlefield. As well, with the rise of new geopolitical and military coalitions, many are concerned as to how much war will remain an act of and in accordance with the political interests, values, and histories of individual nation-states, especially considering the thornier problem of developing the same for coalitions or allied forces.”

Written during the centennial year of World War I, Author Mallard provides an in-depth review and analysis of the impact this particular “world war” has had on every aspect of modern warfare; from philosophy and rational for war, weaponry, strategic operations and the nature of inter-nation alliances.


Table of Contents

FOREWORD By William M. Matz  xi

PREFACE By James C. McConville xv


INTRODUCTION By Timothy S. Mallard  xxv

PART I Strategic Considerations for Military Ethics: World War I to Today

CHAPTER 1 What Should Military Ethics Learn from World War I? A Christian Assessment By Nigel Biggar  1

CHAPTER 2 Grim Virtue: Decisiveness as an Implication of the Just War Tradition By Marc LiVecche 21

CHAPTER 3 The Ethics of Nationalism By Paul Coyer 47

CHAPTER 4 Incompetence, Technology, and Justice: Today’s Lessons from World War I By Eric D. Patterson 

77 CHAPTER 5 The Law of the Great War as an Ethical Paradigm, 1918–2038 By Michael H. Hoffman  101

PART II Ethical Praxis in Diverse Settings CHAPTER 6 Society and Intensive Conflict By David Richardson 115

CHAPTER 7 A Profession of Arms? Conflicting Views and the Lack of Virtue Ethics in Professional Military Education By Thomas J. Statler  123

CHAPTER 8 The Ethics of Care for Civilians, Internally Displaced Persons, and Enemy Prisoners of War By Victoria J. Barnett 147

CHAPTER 9 The Ethical Challenge of Information Warfare: Nothing New By Graham Fairclough  165

CONTENTS  ix  CHAPTER 10 The Moral Status of Chemical Weapons: Arguments from World War I By John Mark Mattox   185

PART III Ethical Implications for Holistic Servicemember Care

CHAPTER 11 Anglo-American Army Chaplaincy in World War I: A Centenary Perspective By Michael Snape 201

CHAPTER 12 “Renew a Right Spirit Within Me”: Chaplains and Military Morale on the Frontline and Online By Andrew Totten  231

CHAPTER 13 Growth After Trauma: Moral Injury, PTSD, and PTG By Mark C. Lee 247

CHAPTER 14 Twin Children of the Great War: Assessing the Effects of Moral and Spiritual Injury Today By Timothy S. Mallard   273

CHAPTER 15 Soldier Enhancement Ethics and the Lessons of World War I By C. Anthony Pfaff  297

CHAPTER 16 The Proper Marking of Medical Personnel and Equipment: Lessons from the Great War By Patrick Naughton  317

CHAPTER 17 Toward a Resilient Military Ethic By Nathan H. White  337




Military professionals, civilians with responsibilities for overseeing and financing warfare, educators and students on international relations and military study, as well as Veterans

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