The Nautical Almanac for the Year 2018

The Nautical Almanac for the Year 2018
The Nautical Almanac for the Year 2018
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For over 150 years the United States Nautical Almanac Office has published The Nautical Almanac, first as part of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, and then on its own, to provide the US Navy with a convenient form of the astronomical data used for celestial navigation. This book is still the standard resource for marine celestial navigation for the U.S. Navy. The book is produced in collaboration with Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office, part of the U.K. Hydrographic Office. That Office maintains the copyright on the material it produces.

The Nautical Almanac contains the following data tabulated at hourly intervals to a precision of 0.1 arcminute: the Greenwich hour angle and declination of the Sun, Moon, and navigational planets; the Greenwich hour angle of Aries; positions of the navigational stars; rise and set times of the Sun and Moon for a range of latitudes; and other data. Each edition also contains a sight reduction table; sight reduction formulas; and various correction tables for sight reduction. There is a useful concise sight reduction form at the back of the book. The Nautical Almanac is available several months in advance of its edition date.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
4                     Phases of the Moon 
4 - 5                Calendars 
5 - 7                Eclipses 
8 - 9                Planet notes and diagram 
10 - 253          Daily pages: Ephemerides of Sun, Moon, Aries and planets; 
                       sunrise, sunset, twilights, moonrise, moonset, etc. 
254 - 261        Explanation 
262 - 265        Standard times 
266 - 267        Star charts 
268 - 273        Stars: SHA and Dec of 173 stars, in order of SHA (accuracy 0.1) 
274 - 276        Polaris (Pole Star) tables 
277 - 283        Sight reduction procedures; direct computation 
284 - 318       Concise sight reduction tables 
319                 Form for use with concise sight reduction tables 
320 - 321       Polar Phenomena
322 - 325       Semi-duration of sunlight, twilight, and moonlight
i                      Conversion of arc to time 
ii - xxxi          Tables of increments and corrections for Sun, planets, Aries, Moon 
xxxii              Tables for interpolating sunrise, sunset, twilights, 
                       moonrise, moonset, Moon’s meridian passage 
xxxiii             Index to selected stars 
xxxiv - xxxv  Altitude correction tables for the Moon


Navigators, sailors, and astronomers will benefit from this resource the most.  However, students pursuing degrees for a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation or research for Principles of Celestial Navigation or Astro/Nav classes may be interested in this volume. Professional libraries in marine transportation companies that support marine navigation and logistic operations, or intermodal marine technician positions--as well as academic institutions that provide astronomy and maritime studies programs--should have this resource available as a primary source reference work.

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Defense Dept., Navy, Nautical Almanac Office
Prepared in cooperation with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.
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