Musculoskeletal Injuries In Military Women (MOBI eBook)

Musculoskeletal Injuries In Military Women (MOBI eBook)
Musculoskeletal Injuries In Military Women (MOBI eBook)
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This text discusses the most common musculoskeletal injuries in military women. Prevention and management of these injuries are very important to sustain the fighting force and maintain military readiness. Information about the incidence, risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of common musculoskeletal overuse and traumatic injuries sustained by women in the military is included.

Sections topics cover an overview of musculoskeletal injuries in military women; common lower extremity overuse injuries; common traumatic injuries; an overview of general injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation techniques; and specific injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation techniques in the military.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Foreword v

Acknowledgment vii

Introduction 1

Epidemiology 3

Overview of Musculoskeletal Injuries in Military Women 3

Common Lower Extremity Overuse Injuries in Military

Women 5

B one 5

Tendon 6

Common Traumatic Injuries in Military Women 22

Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation 37

Overview of General Injury Prevention, Treatment, and

Rehabilitation Techniques in the Military 37

Extrinsic Risk Factors 37

Intrinsic Risk Factors 37

General Prevention Strategies 38

Running Shoes 39

Multiple Intervention Programs 41

General Treatment and Rehabilitation Strategies 44


This publication will be useful to military physicians, physical therapists, and women in the military who want to learn how to prevent and treat common injuries sustained while serving.

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