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Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare

Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (eBook)
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Textbooks of Military Medicine. Zygmunt F. Dembek, senior editor.

Reflecting the critical threat posed by biological warfare and terrorism in a post 9-11 world, Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (an update of Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare published in 1997) addresses the weaponization of biological agents, categorizing potential agents as food, waterborne, or agricultural agents or toxins, and discusses their respective epidemiology. Recent advances in biomedical knowledge are presented that include descriptions of individual agents and the illnesses induced. Authors discuss biotoxins and explain methods for early identification for anthrax, plague, smallpox, alphaviruses, and staphylococcal enterotoxins. Case studies and research on successful management practices, treatments, and antidotes are also included.



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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Front Matter

History of Biological Weapons: From Poisoned Darts to Intentional Epidemics 
James W. Martin, George W. Christopher, and Edward M. Eitzen, Jr.

Food, Waterborne, and Agricultural Diseases 
Zygmunt F. Dembek and Edwin L. Anderson

Epidemiology of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism 
Zygmunt F. Dembek, Julie A. Pavlin, and Mark G. Kortepeter

Bret K. Purcell, Patricia L. Worsham, and Arthur M. Friedlander

Patricia L. Worsham, Thomas W. McGovern, Nicholas J. Vietri, and Arthur M. Friedlander

Bridget Carr Gregory and David M. Waag

Nicholas J. Vietri and David Deshazer

Matthew J. Hepburn, Arthur M. Friedlander, and Zygmunt F. Dembek

Bret K. Purcell, David L. Hoover, and Arthur M. Friedlander

Q Fever
David M. Waag

Smallpox and Related Orthopoxviruses
Peter B. Jahrling, John W. Huggins, M. Sofi Ibrahim, James V. Lawler, and James W. Martin

Alphavirus Encephalitides
Keith E. Steele, Douglas S. Reed, Pamela J. Glass, Mary Kate Hart, George V. Ludwig, William D. Pratt, Michael D. Parker, and Jonathan F. Smith

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Peter B. Jahrling, Aileen M. Marty, and Thomas W. Geisbert

Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B and Related Toxins
Robert G. Ulrich, Catherine L. Wilhelmsen, and Teresa Krakauer

Mark A. Poli, Chad Roy, Kermit D. Huebner, David R. Franz, and Nancy K. Jaax

Botulinum Toxin
Zygmunt F. Dembek, Leonard A. Smith, and Janice M. Rusnak

Additional Toxins of Clinical Concern
Kermit D. Huebner, Robert W. Wannemacher, Jr., Bradley G. Stiles, Michel R. Popoff, and Mark A. Poli

Laboratory Identification of Biological Threats
Erik A. Henchal, George V. Ludwig, Chris A. Whitehouse, and John M. Scherer

Consequence Management: The National and Local Response
Kermit D. Huebner and James W. Martin

Medical Management of Potential Biological Casualties: A Stepwise Approach
Theodore J. Cieslak and George W. Christopher

Medical Countermeasures
Janice M. Rusnak, Ellen F. Boudreau, Matthew J. Hepburn, James W. Martin, and Sina Bavari

Catherine L. Wilhelmsen and Robert J. Hawley

Gretchen L. Demmin

Ethical and Legal Dilemmas in Biodefense Research
Jeffrey E. Stephenson and Arthur O. Anderson

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Future Threats
Chris A. Whitehouse, Alan L. Schmaljohn, and Zygmunt F. Dembek

Abbreviations and Acronyms



This volume was prepared for military medical educational use. The focus of the information is to foster discussion that may form the basis of doctrine and policy. The opinions or assertions contained herein are the private views of the authors and are not to be construed as official or as reflecting the views of the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

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Defense Dept., Army, Army Medical Department Center & School & The Borden Institute
2010, 694 pages
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