Living Arrangements of Children, 2009

Living Arrangements of Children, 2009
Living Arrangements of Children, 2009
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Current Population Reports, Household Economic Studies, P70-126. Examines the Living Arrangements of Children during the year 2009.

This report examines the diversity of children’s living arrangements in households in the United States. The data are from the household relationship module of the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) collected in early 2009. This is an update of an earlier report based on data from the 2004 SIPP Panel.

Detailed information was obtained regarding each person’s relationship to every other person in the household at the time of interview, permitting the identification of various types of relatives and parent-child and sibling relationships. This report includes descriptions of extended family households with relatives and nonrelatives, whose presence may influence a child’s development and contribute to the household’s economic well-being. It also examines the degree to which children are living in single-parent families or with stepparents, adoptive parents, or no parents while in the care of another relative or a guardian.

Various factors influence the diversity of children’s living arrangements, including parental death, divorce, remarriage, births to unmarried women, cohabitation of unmarried parents, and multi-generational families. Forty percent of births today are to unmarried mothers, and these children may grow up in single-parent families or spend significant portions of their lives with other relatives or stepparents. Immigration may also influence the type of household and family in which children grow up, when families provide housing for their immigrant relatives and friends. Hispanics constitute a large component of new immigrants to the United States, and this factor is evident in the reporting of these children’s living situations in this publication.




Researchers could use this data to produce historical trends concerning children's living arrangements.  In addition, youth advocates could use this publication to gather statistical data that they may put to use in their mission.

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Commerce Dept., Economics and Statistics Administration, Census Bureau
  • Kreisler, Rose M.
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