Leaving Guatanamo: Policies, Pressures, and Detainees Returning to the Fight (ePub eBook)

Leaving Guatanamo: Policies, Pressures, and Detainees Returning to the Fight (ePub eBook)
Leaving Guantanamo: Policies, Pressures, and Detainees Returning to the Fight
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Published by the House Committee on Armed Services, this publication handles a complex topic in a straightforward way. It shows that the Guantanamo Bay detainee challenge started in 2002 when the facility was established, it provides information about both current and former detainees and it points out the difficulties of transferring or keeping prisoners there, and recommends further study of the factors that cause or contribute to former detainees becoming engaged in terrorist activities after they have been released from Guantanamo Bay. HASC Committee Print 112-4. H.A.S.C.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
02 Executive Summary and Introduction
04 Methodological and Stylistic Notes
06 Snapshots of Reengagement
10 Reengagement: The Basics
13 Definitions
16 Finding 1: Mechanisms to reduce the GTMO population were first
contemplated when the facility was established in 2002. However,
procedures to accomplish this took about eight months to finalize,
and were spurred by persistent concerns that some detainees should
not be held.
23 Finding 2: After the first review process began, political and
diplomatic pressures to reduce the GTMO population arose, resulting
in releases and transfers.
27 Russia
31 Foreign Prosecution
33 Pakistan
34 Saudi Rehabilitation Program
42 Finding 3: Pressure to reduce the GTMO population accelerated
in the second Bush term, before reengagement dangers became
fully apparent.
50 Success Story?
57 Litigation Pressures
64 Finding 4: While the GTMO transfer and release process instituted
by the Obama administration differed in some important respects
from what preceded it, there are sufficient continuities so that the
threat of reengagement may not be lessened in the long term.
74 Conclusion and Recommendations
76 Dissenting Views
86 Appendix
Classified Annex [Under Separate cover]


This publication would be useful to the military's analysis community, civilian leaders, military commanders and staff officers at all levels, policymakers, members of government and defense agencies/contractors, and members of military-focused committees.  This publication would also be useful to historians and students engaged with historical/political/military studies.


Selected as Library Journal's 2012 Notable Government Documents

"In 2011, committee staff undertook a comprehensive, bipartisan assessment of the Guantanamo detainee release program. In the process, they consulted senior officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations and experts (including former detainees), received briefings from the Department of Defense and the State Department, and reviewed thousands of pages of documents. The report documents a high (27 percent) and increasing rate of released detainees re-engaging in acts of terrorism."


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Senate, Committee on Armed Services, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
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