Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 53, No. 05, 2016

Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 53, No. 05, 2016
Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 53, No. 05, 2016
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The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development is a publication of the Rehabilitation Research and Development Service, Department of Veterans Affairs. JRRD aims to responsibly evaluate and disseminate scientific research findings impacting the rehabilitative healthcare community.

Table of Contents

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iii Masthead

vii From the Editor’s Desk:  JRRD Farewell

ix JRRD At a Glance

Review Article

531 Scoping review of mobility scooter-related research studies
W. Ben Mortenson, PhD, MSc, BScOT, OT; Jenny Kim, BSc

Scientific/Technical Articles

541 Multivariate assessment of subjective and objective measures of social and family satisfaction in Veterans with history of traumatic brain injury
Henry J. Orff, PhD; Chelsea C. Hays, BS; Elizabeth W. Twamley, PhD

551 Balance confidence and activity of community-dwelling patients with transtibial amputation
Alena Mandel, MScOT; Kailan Paul, MScOT; Ruby Paner, BSc; Michael Devlin, MD, FRCPC; Steven Dilkas, MD, FRCPC; Tim Pauley, MSc

561 Haptic feedback improves surgeons’ user experience and fracture reduction in facial trauma simulation
Sabine Girod, MD, DDS, PhD; Sara C. Schvartzman, PhD; Dyani Gaudilliere, DMD, MPH; Kenneth Salisbury, PhD; Rebeka Silva, DMD

571 Postconcussive symptom overreporting in Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans with mild traumatic brain injury
Sarah M. Jurick, MS; Elizabeth W. Twamley, PhD; Laura D. Crocker, PhD; Chelsea C. Hays, MS; Henry J. Orff, PhD; Shahrokh Golshan, PhD; Amy J. Jak, PhD

585 Everyday sitting behavior of full-time wheelchair users
Sharon E. Sonenblum, PhD; Stephen H. Sprigle, PhD, PT; James S. Martin, MS, PE

599 Reliability and validity of the inertial sensor-based Timed “Up and Go” test in individuals affected by stroke
Seline Wüest, PhD; Fabien Massé, PhD; Kamiar Aminian, PhD; Roman Gonzenbach, MD, PhD; Eling D. de Bruin, PhD

611 Interagency partnership to deliver Veteran-Directed Home and Community-Based Services: Interviews with Aging and Disability Network agency personnel regarding their experience with partner Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers
Kali S. Thomas, PhD, MA; Susan M. Allen, PhD

619 Residual limb skin temperature and thermal comfort in people with amputation during activity in a cold environment
Ava D. Segal, MS; Glenn K. Klute, PhD

629 Randomized controlled trial of a brief Internet-based intervention for families of Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder
Alejandro Interian, PhD; Anna Kline, PhD; Deborah Perlick, PhD; Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH; Ann Feder, LCSW; Marc D. Weiner, PhD, JD; Marjorie F. Goldstein, PhD, MPH; Kerry Hennessy, MPH; Lauren St. Hill, BS; Miklos Losonczy, MD, PhD


This journal may be of interest to veterans, active military members, scientists, and healthcare professionals.

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