Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 53, No. 03, 2016

Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 53, No. 03, 2016
Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, V. 53, No. 03, 2016
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The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development is a publication of the Rehabilitation Research and Development Service, Department of Veterans Affairs. JRRD aims to responsibly evaluate and disseminate scientific research findings impacting the rehabilitative healthcare community.

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295 Development of a comprehensive Blast-Related Auditory Injury Database (BRAID)
Antony R. Joseph, AuD, PhD; Jaime L. Horton, MPH; Mary C. Clouser, MPH, PhD; Andrew J. MacGregor, PhD; Michelle Louie, BA; Michael R. Galarneau, MS, NREMT

307 Enhanced vocational rehabilitation for Veterans with mild traumatic brain injury and mental illness: Pilot study
Maureen K. O'Connor, PsyD; Lisa Mueller, PhD; Eunice Kwon, PhD; Charles E. Drebing, PhD; Ashley A. O'Connor, MSW; Alicia Semiatin, PsyD; Shihwe Wang, PhD; Ryan Daley, BA  

321 Usability evaluation of low-cost virtual reality hand and arm rehabilitation games
Na Jin Seo, PhD; Jayashree Arun Kumar, MS; Pilwon Hur, PhD; Vincent Crocher, PhD; Binal Motawar, PT, MS; Kishor Lakshminarayanan, MS

335 Implementation of a brief anxiety assessment and evaluation in a Department of Veterans Affairs geriatric primary care clinic 
Christine E. Gould, PhD; Sherry A. Beaudreau, PhD, ABPP; Gail Gullickson, MD; J. Lisa Tenover, MD, PhD; Elizabeth A. Bauer, RN, MS, AGCNS-BC; J. W. Terri Huh, PhD, ABPP

345 Effect of clinical parameters on the control of myoelectric robotic prosthetic hands 
Manfredo Atzori, PhD; Arjan Gijsberts, PhD; Claudio Castellini, PhD; Barbara Caputo, PhD; Anne-Gabrielle Mittaz Hager, PhD; Simone Elsig; Giorgio Giatsidis, MD; Franco Bassetto, MD; Henning Miller, PhD   

359 Effects of high-speed power training on muscle strength and power in patients with multiple sclerosis 
Carlos Medina-Perez, PhD; Fernanda de Souza-Teixeira, PhD; Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalo, PhD; Jose-Aldo Hernandez-Murua, PhD; Jose Antonio de Paz-Fernandez, PhD   

369 Impact testing of the residual limb: System response to changes in prosthetic stiffness
Erin Boutwell, PhD; Rebecca Stine, MS; Steven Gard, PhD

379 Utility of the Validity-10 scale across the recovery trajectory following traumatic brain injury
Sara M. Lippa, PhD; Rael T. Lange, PhD; Jason M. Bailie, PhD; Jan E. Kennedy, PhD; Tracey A. Brickell, D.Psych; Louis M. French, PsyD

391 Health status and treatment-seeking stigma in older adults with trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder
Anica Pless Kaiser, PhD; Antonia Seligowski, MA; Avron Spiro III, PhD; Mohit Chopra, MD   

403 Development of the Modified Four Square Step Test and its reliability and validity in people with stroke
Margaret A. Roos, PT, PhD; Darcy S. Reisman, PT, PhD; Gregory Hicks, PT, PhD; William Rose, PhD; Katherine S. Rudolph, PT, PhD


This journal may be of interest to veterans, active military members, scientists, and healthcare professionals.

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