Jan/Feb 2022; Military Review

Jan/Feb 2022; Military Review
Jan/feb 2022; Military Review
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"In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we have selected a small sample of articles from our archives that reflect the thoughts, interests, and concerns of our Army at the times of their publication. We have maintained the style, usage, and grammar of the original articles, so readers might notice some inconsistencies as they read through the selections. We hope you enjoy this special edition of Military Review".

—The Editors

Table of Contents

10 General Orders, No. 92 To support the reorganization of the School of Application for Infantry and Cavalry at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, into the General Service Schools under the National Security Act of 1920, a supporting order was issued in 1921 that mandated “publication monthly of the titles and brief synopsis of leading news items of military value to the instructors of the school.”

11 Extract from Original Instructors’ Summary of Military Articles for January, 1922. 

17 Tactical and Strategical Effects of the Development of the Fast Tank. 

26 Hints for Combat 

30 Military Review Latin American Editions Military Review published its first Spanish and Portuguese editions in 1945 

33 Let the Women Do It

41 Supplying United Nations Troops in Korea 

47 The Ratio of Troops to Space

57 Nuclear Weapons Employment Training

63 Fortieth Anniversary Supplement

64 Cultural Engineering

68 Why They Fight 

75 Key to a Crisis

80 Combat in Cities


Members of the military (active and reserve), military leaders and tacticians, the Department of Defense, staff of defense agencies and defense contractors, and members of academia involved in warfare studies would be interested in this publication. In addition, Veterans and military enthusiasts from the general public would enjoy this publication.

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