Health, United States 2017, With Special Feature on Mortality

Health, United States 2017, With Special Feature on Mortality
Health, United States 2017, With Special Feature on Mortality
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If you are a health professional, engaged in the development of health services or products, the Health, United States, 2017 publication will be an invaluable statistical resource. Produced by the National Center for Health Sciences (NCHS) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this resource offers an in-depth look at trends in health statistics. 

In this health reference, positioned as the “Chartbook”, you will find key trends and updated data on critical health factors. within what is termed the “Chartbook”.  There are also tables showcasing selected data for measurements of mortality, morbidity, health risk factors,  to health care costs,  and more.  Plus the resource includes a total of 114 Trend Tables to present four key areas:

  • Health status and determinants 
  • Health care utilization
  • Health care resources
  • Health care expenditures

This volume also highlights a “Special Feature" on mortality.

An Excellent Health Resource: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


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Table of Contents

Preface iii

Acknowledgements  vi

List of Chartbook Figures viii

List of Trend Tables x

At a Glance Table and Highlights At a Glance Table 2

Highlights 4

Special Feature on Mortality  4

Health Status and Determinants 5

Fertility and Natality 5

Health Risk Factors for the Noninstitutionalized Population 5

Measures of Health and Disease Prevalence for the Noninstitutionalized Population 5

Utilization of Health Resources for the Noninstitutionalized Population  6

Use of Health Care Services 6

Use of Preventive Medical Care Services for the Noninstitutionalized Population 6

Difficulty Accessing Needed Medical Care, Prescription Drugs, and Dental Care Due to Cost for the Noninstitutionalized Population 6

Health Care Resources  7

Health Care Expenditures and Payers  7

Health Care Expenditures  7

Health Care Payers 7

Health Insurance Coverage for the Noninstitutionalized Population  7

Chartbook with Special Feature on Mortality Mortality 8

Life Expectancy at Birth 8

Selected Causes of Death  8

Natality  9

Teen Childbearing 9

 Preterm Singleton Births 9

Health Risk Factors  10

Use of Tobacco Products 10

Adults with Overweight and Obesity 10

Children and Adolescents with Obesity 11 

Morbidity  11

Asthma Among Children Under 18 Years  11

Heart Disease and Cancer 12

Hypertension 13

Functioning  13

Functional Limitation 13

Prevention  14

Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 19–35 Months 14

Utilization 14

Emergency Department Use 14

Delay or Nonreceipt of Needed Medical Care  15

No Usual Source of Care 15

Health Care Resources 16

Physicians  16

Personal Health Care Expenditures 16

Source of Funds and Type of Expenditure 16

Health Insurance 17

Coverage Among Children Under 18 Years 17

Coverage Among Adults Aged 18–64 17

Special Feature on Mortality Introduction 18

Life Expectancy at Birth  20

Mortality by Age Group 22

Deaths Among Children Aged 1–14 and Persons Aged 15–24  23

Deaths Among Persons Aged 25–44 and Persons Aged 45–64  24

Deaths Among Persons Aged 65 and over  25

Drug Overdose Deaths 26

Drug Overdose Deaths by State  27

Suicide  28

Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis Deaths  29

Place of Death 30

Chartbook Data Tables  31

Technical Notes  63

References  65

Index  69


This resource serves health professionals, administrators, researchers, federal, state and local health officials and departments concerned about citizen health populations. Students engaged in biostatistics degree programs, or specialized medical statistics courses, health/medical statisticians, data analysts, and biostatisticians may also be interested in this volume to find up-to-date research with health statistical trends for population assessments in America.

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