Handbook of North American Indians, V. 15, Northeast

Handbook of North American Indians, V. 15, Northeast
Handbook of North American Indians, V. 15, Northeast
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This is part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Handbook of North American Indians series, the ultimate resource for Native American history across various regions of North America. The set is intended to give an encyclopedic summary of what is know about the prehistory, history, and cultures of the indigenous aboriginal peoples of North America north of the urban civilizations of central Mexico.

Volume 15 summarizes knowledge about Native American peoples from Virginia to St. Lawrence River, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Illinois, including cultures, languages, history, prehistory, and human biology.

William C. Sturtevant, general editor; Bruce G. Trigger, volume editor. Contains extensive bibliographies and is well indexed. Contains copyrighted material. L.C. card 77-17162. Item 909-D-1.

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Table of Contents


28-43: Tuck, James A. "Regional Cultural Development, 3000 to 300 BC"
70-77: Goddard, Ives "Eastern Algonquian Languages"
78-88: Brasser, Ted E. "Early Indian European Contacts"
89-100: Washburn, Wilcomb E. "Seventeenth-Century Indian Wars"
101-108: Reynolds, Barrie "Beothuk"
109-122: Bock, Philip K. "Micmac"
123-136: Erickson, Vincent O. and Bruce G. Trigger "Maliseet-Passamaquoddy"
160-176: Salwen, Bert "Indians of Southern New England and Long Island: Early Period"
177-189: Conkey, Laura E., Ethel Bolissevian, and Ives Goddard "Indians of Southern New England and Long Island: Late Period"
190-197: Simmons, William S. "Narragansett"
198-212: Brasser, Ted J. "Mahican"
240-252: Feest, Christian F. "Nanticoke and Neighboring Tribes"
271-281: Feest, Christian F. "North Carolina Algonquians"
282-289: Boyce, Douglas W. "Iroquoian Tribes of the Virginia - North Carolina Coastal Plain"
296-321: Fenton, William N. "Northern Iroquoian Culture Patterns"
322-333: Tuck, James A. "Northern Iroquoian Prehistory"
334-356: Trigger, Bruce G. "Early Iroquois Contact with Europeans"
357-361: Trigger, Bruce G. and James F. Pendergast "Saint Lawrence Iroquoians"
362-367: Jennings, Francis "Susquehannock"
368-388: Heidenreich, Conrad E. "Huron"
398-406: Tooker, Elisabeth "Wyandot"
418-441: Tooker, Elisabeth "The League of the Iroquois: Its History, Politics, and Ritual"
442-448: Wallance, Anthony F.C. "Origins of the Longhouse Religion"
449-465: Tooker, Elisabeth "Iroquois Since 1820"
466-480: Fenton, William N. and Elisabeth Tooker "Mohawk"
547-559: Griffin, James B. "Late Prehistory in the Ohio Valley"
583-587: Goddard, Ives "Central Algonquian Languages"
588-593: Hunter, William A. "History of the Ohio Valley"
610-621: Callender, Charles "Great Lakes Riverine Sociopolitical Organization"
636-647: Callender, Charles "Fox"
648-655: Callender, Charles "Sauk"
681-689: Callender, Charles "Miami"
772-786: Feest, Johanna E. and Christian F. Feest "Ottawa"
792-797: Day, Gordon M. and Bruce G. Trigger "Algonquian"
Clifton, James A. "Pattawomi"


Researchers, especially students in middle grades and above, may find this resource useful for writing papers related to topics of North American Indians and multicultural topics. U.S. public, middle school, high-school, community college, and 4-year academic college and university libraries may want to have the entire Handbook of North American Indians series available for their minorities and social science reference collections.

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