Forest Inventory and Analysis FY 2015 Business Report

Forest Inventory and Analysis FY 2015 Business Report
Forest Inventory and Analysis: Fiscal Year 2015 Business Report
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This annual Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Fiscal Year 2015 business report (#18) will tell you, the taxpayers, partners, and clients what the program has accomplished with the financial resources provided and what the program will accomplish in the coming year with budgeted financial resources. This relationship with taxpayers, partners, and clients is integral to FIA’s continued success, because accountability is their first priority.

Some key findings of this annual report are: Annualized progress, Funding, Partners’ support, Grants and agreements, Data availability, Five-year reports, Quality assurance, Users groups, Personnel, Other program features, New FIA Strategic Plan, Looking to 2016.

This information can be used in many ways, such as evaluating wildlife habitat conditions, assessing sustainability of current ecosystem management practices, monitoring forest health, supporting planning and decision-making activities undertaken by public and private enterprises, and predicting the effects of climate change. 


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Executive Summary
Changes From Previous Years’ Business Reports
Fiscal Year 2015 Program Overview
   Outputs and Products Program Resources
   FIA Grants and Partners’ Contributions
   FIA Data Availability
   Quality Assurance

Regional Program Accomplishments for FY 2015
   Northern Research Station FIA Program
   Pacific Northwest Research Station FIA Program
   Rocky Mountain Research Station, Interior West FIA Program Southern Research Station FIA Program
   National FIA Program Office Staff

FIA Data Requests and Access
    FY 2015 Spatial Data Requests FY 2015 Web Tools
    Consultations by FIA Staff

National Inventory and Monitoring Applications Center
   National Forest Collaboration

Other FIA Program Features
   Urban Forest Inventory
   Forest Products, Utilization, and National Woodland Owner Studies
   Ecosystem Health Indicator Surveys
   Special Partnerships Spanning Cultures

Program Safety
Regional Safety Highlights for FY 2015
    Northern Research Station FIA Safety Highlights
    Pacific Northwest Research Station FIA Safety Highlights
    Rocky Mountain Research Station, Interior West FIA Safety Highlights
    Southern Research Station FIA Safety Highlights

Comparing  FY 2014 Plans With FY 2015 Accomplishments and FY 2016 Plans
Fiscal Year 2016 --FIA Program Direction
Long-Term Strategic Direction
Glossary of Terms Used in Appendixes 
Appendix A. Contacts 
Appendix B. Tables


Members of government and Congress, Forest Service personnel and contractors surveying forest inventory annually, taxpayers, Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) partners and clients, and anyone interested in how various funding is used to inventory forests (and in future FIA business strategies) would be interested in this publication.

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