Field Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook (eBook)

Field Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook (eBook)
Field Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook (eBook)
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U.S. Department of Defense, Army Medical Research of Chemical Defense/USAMRICD

This publication provides information relative to specific US Army tactics, techniques, procedures, and tasks associated with health service support.  It is written from the point of view of a conventional forward-deployed, ground-based medical element performing patient operational decontamination and thorough patient decontamination operations while providing medical treatment. This handbook will serve as a guide for the mission of providing health service support to chemical and biological casualties.

Supplies basic summary and treatment information quickly for the health care provider on the front lines.  Includes instructional illustrations for each section. Provides concise supplemental reading material to assist in education of biological casualty management.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Introduction ix

Nerve Agents 1

Vesicants 19

Cyanide 29

Lung-Damaging Agents and Toxic Industrial Chemicals 33

Riot-Control Agents 43

Incapacitating Agents 49

Biological Agents 53

Toxins 67

Field Management and Triage of Contaminated Casualties on the Integrated Battlefield 71

Patient Decontamination Station: Planning, Setup, and Operation 81

Individual Protective Equipment 131

Military Working Dogs in Contaminated Environments 149

Appendices 175

Index 197


This publication is intended for professional military medical personnel, especially military medical personnel who operate on the field and need to respond quickly to, and treat, chemical and biological casualties.

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