The FBI Story 2015

The FBI Story 2015
The FBI Story 2015
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FBI Stories for 2015 run the gamut of crime and violence that America's crime fighters face on a regular basis. The following list of stories are examples of coverage featured in this year's edition of the FBI Story, 2015:

  • Adopt-A-School Program, Part 1: Bringing a Message of Hope to Students, Part 2, Becoming a Junior Special Agent, Part 3, "I Promise to be a Good Citizen"
  • Armenian Criminal Enterprise Dealt Serious Blow
  • Extreme Case of Witness Intimidation
  • Ransomware on the Rise
  • The Case of the Stolen Stradivarius
  • Human Trafficking Ring Dismantled
  • New Most Wanted Terrorist
  • Drug Kingpin Dethroned
  • Former Los Alamos Lab Workers Sentenced
  • Art Crime Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Part 1, Part 2
  • Law Enforcement and Race
  • A Ponzi Scheme Collapses
  • Joint Effort Takes Down Detroit-Based Robbery Group
  • Multi-State Fraudulent Document Ring Dismantled
  • The Cyber Action Team
  • Law Enforcement and Race: Continuing the Conversation
  • Financial Fraud Scheme in Hollywood
  • Leader of Violent Street Gang Going to Prison
  • Panel Conducts Review of FBI Since 9/11 Commission Report
  • FBI Establishes International Corruption Squads

And Much More....

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Anyone with an interest in high-profile FBI cases, how the cases are solved, and new FBI technology and issues facing the Bureau will enjoy this publication.

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