Fall 2020; The Mobility Forum

Fall 2020; The Mobility Forum
Fall 2020; The Mobility Forum
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The Mobility Forum articulates the importance of safety in the air and on the ground through informative articles based on first-hand experiences in a variety of Air Force professions. The contents are informative and not regulatory or directive. Viewpoints expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy of AMC, USAF, or any DoD agency.

Table of Contents

3 AMC Welcomes New Commander, Gen Jacqueline Van Ovost

7 618th Air Operations Center Welcomes New Commander AMC HERITAGE

8 The KC-135: 60 Years of Service and Going Strong!

11 AOC: Seeing More Than One Side of the Air Force

12 ASAPs — Why We Want Your Identity (But We Will Protect It) AMC NEWS

14 Negatively Pressurized Conex: A Fast-Track Development for Transporting COVID-19 Patients

16 AMC Modernizes Battle Concepts to Move at the Speed of War

18 Transportation Isolation System Contributes to Saving the Day During COVID-19 Pandemic MOBILITY OPERATIONS

20 Global Reach and Operation El Dorado Canyon — The 1986 Strike on Libya

22 The Ups and Downs of Barodontalgia 32 Training for the Big Race SAFETY CULTURE

24 Broken Arrow: Titan II Missile Complex 374-7 FLIGHT SAFETY 

26 Full Spectrum Readiness: Aerial Refueling HEALTH AND FITNESS

28 Combined Experience and Training Allowed KC-135 Crew to Work Through In-Flight Issues and Land Safely RISK MANAGEMENT

31 Ready for the Unexpected 36 A Wingman’s Philosophy Can Save the Day MOTORCYCLE CULTURE

34 The Freedom of Motorcycles and Forever Changes REGULAR FEATURES

38 Mishap-Free Flying Hour Milestones

39 Quickstoppers

40 A Day in the Life


Air Force personnel, military contractors.

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