FAA Order 7930.2, Notices to Airmen

FAA Order 7930.2, Notices to Airmen
FAA Order 7930.2, Notices to Airmen
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This order prescribes direction used to format and distribute information regarding unanticipated or temporary changes to services, components of, or hazards in, the National Airspace System (NAS). The Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) system does not duplicate data already published or charted. Originators of airmen information are expected to inform the National Flight Data Center (NFDC) in sufficient time before the effective dates of changes to permit publishing of aeronautical data on the various charts or in the appropriate publications. When time does not allow for publication of a change or an outage and if the subject matter meets NOTAM criteria, issue a NOTAM until published.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. General
Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. Scope
Section 3. Accountable Organizations
Section 4. Terms of Reference
Chapter 2. Aeronautical Information Services
Section 1. Aeronautical Information System
Chapter 3. General Operating Procedures
Section 1. General
Section 2. Coordination
Section 3. Use of Terms
Chapter 4. NOTAM D Procedures
Section 1. General
Section 2. Preparing NOTAMs for Dissemination
Section 3. Coding and Transmission of NOTAMs
Section 4. Canceling/Extending NOTAMs
Section 5. Computer-Generated NOTAM Service Messages
Chapter 5. NOTAM Criteria
Section 1. Movement Area NOTAMs
Section 2. Lighting Aid and Obstruction NOTAMs
Section 3. NAVAID NOTAMs
Section 4. Communications Outlets NOTAMs
Section 5. Services NOTAMs
Chapter 6. Airspace NOTAMs
Section 1. Airspace
Chapter 7. FDC NOTAMs
Section 1. Transmitting FDC NOTAM Data
Section 2. Cancellation/Expiration
Chapter 8. Military NOTAMs
Section 1. General
Section 2. Military NOTAM Dissemination
Section 3. Military NOTAM Retrieval
Chapter 9. International NOTAMs
Section 1. General Procedures
Section 2. Procedures For Canadian NOTAMs


The primary audience for this order is any office responsible for originating Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs). In addition, this may be of interest to those who use aeronautical information and aviation enthusiasts.

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