Earth (Hardcover Book)

Earth (Hardcover Book)
Earth (Book)
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Filled with spectacular imagery, this book “stands at an intersection of science and art.” From a satellite view, NASA gives us a glimpse of Earth’s beauty through images that tell a story of land, wind, water, ice, and air from above.

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Table of Contents


vi Foreword

2 Atmosphere

4 Curving Cloud Streets, Brazil and Bolivia

6 A Trio of Plumes, South Atlantic Ocean

8 Filling the Valleys, Peru

10 A Glorious View, Pacific Ocean

12 Punching Holes in the Sky, United States

14 Bering Streets, Arctic Ocean

16 Riding the Waves, Mauritania

18 Cloud Shadow, Germany

20 Double Trouble, Pacific Ocean

24 Making Tracks, Pacific Ocean

26 Tracing the Coast, China

28 Four Mountains Stand Out, Pacific Ocean

32 Framing an Iceberg, South Atlantic Ocean

34 Valley Fog, Canada

36 Holuhraun Lava Field, Iceland

40 Water

42 Channel Country, Australia

44 Tea-Colored Rupert Bay, Canada

48 Coral Cocos, Indian Ocean

50 Bay of Whales, Russia

52 Storms Stir Up Sediment, Bermuda

54 The Meeting of the Waters, Brazil

56 A Lava Lamp Look at the Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean

58 Teeming Life in the Strait of Georgia, Canada

60 Ephemeral Lake Frome, Australia

62 Dueling Blooms, Barents Sea

64 A Bay Sculpted by Ice, Canada

66 Tidal Flats and Channels, Bahamas

68 The Blooming Baltic, Baltic Sea

70 Waves Beneath the Waves, Trinidad

72 Land of Lakes, Canada

74 Plankton and Sulfur, Namibia

76 Åland Islands, Scandinavia

78 Crater Lakes with Clear Water, Canada

80 Mergui Archipelago, Southeast Asia

82 Scarlet Lake Natron, Tanzania

84 Swirling Bloom off Patagonia, Argentina

86 Land

88 A Curious Ensemble of Wonderful Features, United States

92 Megadunes and Desert Lakes, Mongolia

94 Colorful Faults of Xinjiang, China

96 Bowknot Bend, United States

98 From Rainforest to Rain Shadow, United States

100 A Blaze of Color, Sweden

102 Folds and Curves of the Kavir, Iran

104 Fanning Out in Farmland, Kazakhstan

108 The Zones of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

110 Liwa Oasis, United Arab Emirates

112 Don Juan Pond, Antarctica

114 Linear Dunes, Caprivi Strip, Namibia

116 Harratt Lunayyir Lava Field, Saudi Arabia

118 Taranaki and Egmont, New Zealand

120 Cultivating a Border, China and Kazakhstan

122 Barrier Islands, Brazil

124 Tsauchab River Bed, Namibia

126 Ice and Snow

128 Mertz Loses Part of Its Tongue, Antarctica

130 Swimming with Ice Cubes, United States

132 Franz Josef Land, Arctic Ocean

134 No Green in This Land, Greenland

136 Mackenzie Meets Beaufort, Canada

138 Sea Ice at Shikotan, Japan and Russia

140 North Patagonian Icefield, South America

144 Manning Island and Foxe Basin, Canada

146 Ice Water, United States

148 Omulyakhskaya and Khromskaya, Russia

150 Phytoplankton on Ice, Antarctica

152 Heart-Shaped Uummannaq, Greenland

154 Puma Yumco, China

156 Grounded in the Caspian, Kazakhstan

158 Ice-Covered Delta, Canada

160 Appendix

164 Acknowledgments

166 Credits

168 About the Authors

38 Lofted Over Land, Madagascar


Individuals interested in astronomy, earth science or space exploration.

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