A Contemporary History of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps (ePub eBook)

A Contemporary History of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps (ePub eBook)
A Contemporary History of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps (ePub eBook)
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Provides a history of the Army Nurse Corps from the end of the Vietnam War to the year 2000.  Written by Mary T. Sarnecky with a Foreword by Gale S. Pollock, this book focuses on an organization, the U.S. Army Nurse Corps, which the author has been privileged to be affiliated with – in one way or another – for the greatest part of her adult life. As an active duty officer, the author had first-hand knowledge about the Army Nurse Corps' inner workings and spent the last years of her Army career (from 1992) researching and writing the Corps' history.

One of Sarnecky's goals in researching and writing this history was to intrigue and provide a sense of gratification for the reader.

After the conclusion of the Vietnam War, several wide-ranging and significant changes exerted myriad effects on the Army Nurse Corps.  The most influential of these phenomena included the dismantling of the Selective Service System, the reorganization of the Army, the launch of the Health Services Command (HSC), the opening of the Academy of Health Sciences, the transformation of the Office of the Army Surgeon General, the inauguration of improvements in the Army Reserve and National Guard, and the evolution in the roles and status of women.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

PART ONE - The Decade After the Vietnam War

Chapter One - Evolution and Reorganization

Chapter Two - Gender and Minority Issues

Chapter Three - Educational Concerns and Career Advancement

Chapter Four - Readiness Challenges

Chapter Five - Administrative Questions

Chapter Six - Innovative Roles

Chapter Seven - Humanitarian Relief and Assistance Missions in the 1970s

PART TWO - A Decade of Change

Chapter Eight - New Leadership and Expanding Horizons

Chapter Nine - Refining Quality of Care Strategies

Chapter Ten - The Shortage Intensifies

Chapter Eleven - Preparing for Action

Chapter Twelve - Refugee and Humanitarian Operations during the 1980s

Chapter Thirteen - Additional Deployments in the 1980s

PART THREE - The Concluding Decade of a Century of Service

Chapter Fourteen - The Post Cold War Period

Chapter Fifteen - Revamping the Medical Department and Army Nursing

Chapter Sixteen - New Frontiers for Army Nurse Corps Officers

Chapter Seventeen - The Army and the Army Medical Department in Operation Desert Shield/Operation Desert Storm

Chapter Eighteen - Army Nurse Corps Leadership in Operation Desert Shield/ Operation Desert Storm

Chapter Nineteen - Army Nurse Corps Activities in Combat Hospitals in Operation Desert Shield/Operation Desert Storm

Chapter Twenty - Army Nurse Corps Activities in Europe and the Continental United States in Operation Desert Shield/Operation Desert Storm and in the Aftermath

Chapter Twenty-One - ion Restore Hope in Somalia

Chapter Twenty-Two - Operations in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia

Chapter Twenty-Three - Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti

Chapter Twenty-Four - The Final Word: Epilogue


Members of the military and veterans, especially in military nursing positions, as well as those engaged in gender studies, those interested in the roles of women in the military, and military enthusiasts would enjoy this publication.

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