Contemporary Chemical Weapons Use In Syria And Iraq By The Assad Regime And The Islamic State

Contemporary Chemical Weapons Use In Syria And Iraq By The Assad Regime And The Islamic State
Contemporary Chemical Weapons Use in Syria and Iraq by the Assad Regime and the Islamic State
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Chemical weapons; often portrayed as the poor man’s atomic bomb!

This monograph features chemical weapons programs of the Assad regime and the Islamic State (IS). And according to the monograph’s publisher, at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI), in general, chemical weapons and their contemporary use has historically been understudied. Therefore this title provides U.S. Army, Department of Defense, and U.S. Government policymakers, and you, if engaged in Middle East strategic matters and/or the use of chemical weapons, a highly useful resource on a highly controversial, universally outlawed “weapon”.

This SSI monograph focuses on the use of chemical weapons in battle, and given continued use by the Assad regime, a timely and insightful analysis.

The monograph contains an introduction into the subject matter, provides an overview of the chemical warfare capabilities of the Assad regime and the IS, addresses their contemporary use of chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq, and highlights the ensuing lessons learned.

SSI notes this work can be treated as an applied counter-chemical warfare policy document. Some of its features address inherent military functions in that they can be used to:

  • kill and degrade opposing troop formations
  • area- and materiel-denial purposes
  • psychological effects on military units
  • potentially force military personnel to operate in protective posture gear and/or buttoned up in armored fighting vehicles
  • inhibit battlefield performance
  • and more

This timely monograph should hold immense interest to U.S. Army and Department of Defense leaders as well as senior U.S. Government policymakers tasked with managing weapons of mass destruction arms control, mitigation, and elimination activities, plus educators, students, and activists knowledgeable of United Nations regulations related to the banned deployment of chemical substances in warfare.

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Defense Dept., Army, Army War Coilege, Strategic Studies Institute
  • Bunker, Robert J.
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