Commentary On "the US Army In Multi-Domain Operations 2028"

Commentary On "the US Army In Multi-Domain Operations 2028"
Commentary On "The US Army In Multi-Domain Operations 2028"
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Countering the aggression of Russian or Chinese “hegemonic” behavior will require a rapid, ready, and appropriate reaction along anticipated lines of operations to deter rather than accelerate crisis escalation, and to defend the status quo when challenged. Do the central ideas in the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Pamphlet 525-3-1, The U.S. Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028, provide logical counters to hegemonic behavior from Russia or China? This monograph offers a critique of TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1 to avoid the foundational flaws from its predecessor concepts, Air Sea Battle and Multi-Domain Battle, and to reinforce the foundation for continued discussion, analysis, and development to evolving Army and Joint doctrine.

Today the United States and its Allies must cooperate to keep our advantageous peace. By keeping the peace between the United States, Russia, and China, and by the logic of our theory of victory, we are all more likely to manage other lesser anticipated and unanticipated dangers ahead.

Table of Contents

Foreword  vii

Preface xi

Summary xvii

Commentary on “The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028” 1

Introduction  1

Learning from the Post-Vietnam Reforms  5

MDO Logic and Thinking 9

The Five-Part Military Problem 11

The Central Idea 13

Toward a More Robust Logic 15

Words Affect the Way We Think 15

The Mission Aim is Too Broad 19

Solve the Problem Asymmetrically 21

Offset Disadvantages of Distance and Reaction 23

From “Way of War” to Operating Concept 25

        Task Objective 1: To Keep an Advantageous Peace 26

        Task Objective 2: To Defeat Armed Aggression and Restore a Favorable Peace 29

        Task Objective 3: To Modernize America’s “Way of War” 33

Conclusion 38

About the Author 41


American and Allied military leadership, U.S military civilian officials, major military contractors, foreign affairs leadership. Political science and foreign affairs academia and students. Also, those seeking knowledge about the role and responsibilities of defending the nation should find this resource of consequence.

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