CIA's Clandestine Services Histories of Civil Air Transport (Book and CD)

CIA's Clandestine Services Histories of Civil Air Transport (Book and CD)
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This booklet and accompanying DVD highlight some of the most closely guarded activities of the CIA.  Covering one of the controversial operations in American history, these histories show the changes and impacts of the CIA's Civil Air Transport (CAT) – predecessor to Air America – along with life and history of Southeast Asia.

CAT was originally a Chinese air cargo service in the late 1940s, that was then used to support Chiang Kai-shek in his civil war with Mao Zedong's communists. By 1950 when Chiang was defeated, the airline was going bankrupt. The CIA then bought it and operated it as a public airline with secret missions that supported United States covert operations throughout East and Southeast Asia, including the Cold War, Korean War and Vietnam War.

These histories of CAT were written by Alfred T. Cox, President of CAT after its acquisition by the CIA, who guided both the covert and public commercial operations.

As the title suggests, these histories are normally not released in any form to the public, but now the DVD contains hundreds of recently declassified materials.

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Members and retirees of the intelligence community, members of government, and anyone interested in the history of the U.S. intelligence community would enjoy this informative book and DVD.  In addition, teachers of high school and college students studying government, politics and intelligence may find this a useful resource.  Public libraries would benefit from making this publication and DVD available to their patrons.

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Central Intelligence Agency, Center for the Study of Intelligence; and Information Management Services, Historical Collections Division
  • Cox, Alfred T.
2011: Book (16 p.; ill.) and CD. 2016-repr.
This booklet shows changes and impacts of Civil Air Transport (CAT) - predecessor to Air America - along with life and history of South-East Asia. On cover: Welcome Aboard CAT. Prepared in coopeeration with the University of Texas at Dallas. The 2016 printing calls the DVD a CD.
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  • Clandestine Services Histories of Civil Air Transport
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • CAT (Civil Air Transport)
  • Intelligence History
  • Aviation History
  • Civil Air Transport: A Proprietary Airline, 1945-1955
  • CSHP (Clandestine Services History Program)
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