CIA Analysis of the Warsaw Pact Forces: The Importance of Clandestine Reporting (Book and DVD)

CIA Analysis of the Warsaw Pact Forces: The Importance of Clandestine Reporting (Book and DVD)
CIA Analysis of the Warsaw Pact Forces: The Importance of Clandestine Reporting (Book and DVD)
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This study examines the role of clandestine reporting in CIA's analysis of the Warsaw Pact from 1955 to 1985. The Soviet Union established itself as a threat to the West at the end of World War II by its military occupation of eastern European countries and the attempts of its armed proxies to capture Greece and South Korea.

The West countered with the formation of NATO. While the West welcomed West Germany into NATO, the Soviets established a military bloc of Communist nations with the Warsaw Treaty of May 1955. This study continues CIA’s efforts to provide a detailed record of the intelligence derived from clandestine human and technical sources from that period.

The Historical Collections and Information Review and Release Divisions of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Information Management Services has reviewed, redacted, and released more than 1,000 documents highlighting CIA’s analysis of the Warsaw Pact forces and its importance of clandestine reporting. The accompanying DVD contains more than 500 previously released declassified documents, videos about the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft and CORONA satellite programs, and much more.

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Audience: Members and retirees of the intelligence community, members of government, and anyone interested in the history of the U.S. intelligence community would enjoy this informative book and DVD.  In addition, teachers of high school and college students studying government, politics and intelligence may find this a useful resource.  Public libraries would benefit from making this publication and DVD available to their patrons.



Dickinson College, Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues: "Intelligence analysts had few answers and assertions of 'Bomber Gaps' and 'Missile Gaps' abounded.  President Eisenhower recognized that aerial reconnaissance of the Soviet Union was the answer. The story of the U-2 and Corona satellites is now history, but the success of those programs and their follow-on versions is the stuff of today’s high-tech intelligence and warfare." Article: Revisiting the Cold War: CIA Analysis and Collection

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