Challenges To Security In Space

Challenges To Security In Space
Challenges to Security in Space
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Rapidly improving technological advances in establishing space platforms and going beyond earth’s stratosphere to explore the distant universe is no longer simply about scientific advancement and generating new commercially viable products in the process.

If you have a deep interest in space policy, especially with a focus on potential military conflicts, this Defense Intelligence Agency publication: "Challenges to Security in Space", will provide a comprehensive resource.  It showcases China and Russia's space development programs as competing space nations that may pose future threats to U.S. and other nations with space programs. 

As governments develop their space capabilities the probable escalation of potential conflicts could naturally rise.  This authoritative work identifies the key issues in the analysis and thought process required to effectively address these increasing threats to open and non-military space environments:

  • Key Space Concepts - Communication Satellites - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance - Satellite Command and Control
  • Key Counter-space Concepts - Cyberspace Threats - Directed Energy Weapons - Kinetic Energy Threats
  • Space-based Services - Communications satellites
  • And more.

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Table of Contents

ntroduction 7

Key Space Concepts 8

Key Counterspace Concepts 9

Space-based Services.  11

Orbit Types and Uses 12

China 13

Strategy, Doctrine, and Intent 14

Key Space and Counterspace Organizations 14

Space and Counterspace Capabilities 16

Space Launch Capabilities 16

Human Spaceflight and Space Exploration 18

ISR, Navigation, and Communications Capabilities 18

Counterspace Capabilities 20

Russia 23

Strategy, Doctrine, and Intent 23

Key Space and Counterspace Organizations 24

Space and Counterspace Capabilities 25

Space Launch Capabilities 25

Human Spaceflight and Space Exploration 26

ISR, Navigation, and Communications Capabilities 26

Counterspace Capabilities 28

Other Space Challenges 31

Iran 31

North Korea 32

Outlook 33

Appendix A: Implications of Debris and Orbital Collisions 35

Appendix B: Counterspace Threats 36

Appendix C: Glossary of Acronym 37


U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense (DOD), and allied defense leadership, international policy and operation decision-makers, members of Congress responsible for DOD oversight, instructors, professors, teachers and students of space engineering, Chinese history, political science, military science, international relations should consider this publication as an essential learning tool about the advancements in space technology across U.S. allies, a few foreign militaries, such as Russia, China, Iran, and N. Korea’s militaries.

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