Cfr Title 41 Chapter 101 ; Code Of Federal Regulations(2021)

Cfr Title 41 Chapter 101      ; Code Of Federal Regulations(2021)
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 41, Chapter 101, Public Contracts and Property Management, Revised as of July 1, 2021(Only the Cover Was Revised)
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41 CFR, Chapter 101, includes rules, regulations, procedures and administrative procedures associated with Public Contracts and Property Management, Federal Procurement Regulations System, Code Of Federal Regulations(2021).

Table of Contents

Chapter 101 Federal Property Management Regulations 101-1 – 101-99

Subchapter A General 101-1 – 101-9

Subchapter B Management and Use of Information and Records 101-11

Part 101-11 Federal Records and Standard and Optional Forms 101-11.0

Subchapter C Defense Materials 101-14

Parts 101-14 - 101-15 [Reserved]

Subchapter D Public Buildings and Space 101 – 101-21

Part 101-16 [Reserved]

Part 101-17Assignment and Utilization of Space 101-17.0

Part 101-18 Acquisition of Real Property 101-18.0

Part 101-19 Construction and Alteration of Public Buildings 101-19.0

Part 101-20 Management of Buildings and Grounds 101-20.0

Part 101-21 Federal Buildings Fund 101-21.000

Subchapter E Supply and Procurement 101-22 – 101-33.0

Subchapter F [Reserved]

Subchapter GAviation, Transportation, and Motor Vehicles101-37 – 101-41

Part 101-37 Government Aviation Administration and Coordination 101-37.000

Part 101-38 Motor Vehicle Management 101-38.000

Part 101-39 Interagency Fleet Management Systems 101-39.000 – 101-39.4901

Part 101-40 Transportation and Traffic Management 101-40.000

Part 101-41 Transportation Documentation and Audit 101-41.000

Subchapter H Utilization and Disposal 101-42 – 101-99


Lawyers, law librarians and law students should be familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations. Law libraries and some academic libraries should have a copy of this publication for their patrons. In addition, members of government and policymakers, members of Congress, tax preparers, investment counselors and brokers, social activists, political consultants, media writers and producers, university instructors and professors, political scientists, and taxpayers.                                                                                                   

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