Cfr Title 40 Pt 60 (appendices);code Of Federal Regulations (paper) 2017

Cfr Title 40 Pt 60 (appendices);code Of Federal Regulations (paper) 2017
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Protection of Environment, Part 60 (Appendices), Revised as of July 1, 2017
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40CFR, Part 60 (Appendices), provides appendices covering Protection of Environment, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)--Air Programs.  Topics treated include: Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

Appendix A-1 to Part 60—Test Methods 1 through 2F

Appendix A-2 to Part 60—Test Methods 2G through 3C

Appendix A-3 to Part 60—Test Methods 4 through 5I

Appendix A-4 to Part 60—Test Methods 6 through 10B

Appendix A-5 to Part 60—Test Methods 11 through 15A

Appendix A-6 to Part 60—Test Methods 16 through 18

Appendix A-7 to Part 60—Test Methods 19 through 25E

Appendix A-8 to Part 60—Test Methods 26 through 30B

Appendix B to Part 60—Performance Specifications

Appendix C to Part 60—Determination of Emission Rate Change

Appendix D to Part 60—Required Emission Inventory Information

Appendix E to Part 60 [Reserved]

Appendix F to Part 60—Quality Assurance Procedures

Appendix G to Part 60—Provisions for an Alternative Method of Demonstrating Compliance With 40 CFR 60.43 for the Newton Power Station of Central Illinois Public Service Company

Appendix H to Part 60 [Reserved]

Appendix I to Part 60—Owner's Manuals and Temporary Labels for Wood Heaters Subject to Subparts AAA and QQQQ of Part 60


Lawyers, law librarians and law students should be familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations.  Law libraries and some academic libraries should have a copy of this publication for their patrons.  In addition, members of government, policymakers, Members of Congress, EPA personnel, and committees and organizations concerned with environmental protection may want a copy of this publication.

Environmental scientists, engineers, testing inspectors, technicians, and compliance officers may be interested in this volume. 

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