Cfr Title 40 Part 790-999 ; Code Of Federal Regulations(2021) (cover Only)

Cfr Title 40 Part 790-999     ; Code Of Federal Regulations(2021)     (cover Only)
Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Part 790-999, Protection of Environment, Revised as of July 1, 2021(Only the Cover was Revised)
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40 CFR, Part 790-999, includes rules, regulations, procedures and administrative procedures associated with Code Of Federal Regulations(2021) (cover Only).

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Table of Contents


Part 790Procedures Governing Testing Consent Agreements and Test Rules790.1 – 790.99

Subpart AGeneral Provisions790.1 – 790.7

§ 790.1Scope, purpose, and authority.

§ 790.2Applicability.

§ 790.3Definitions.

§ 790.5Submission of information.

§ 790.7Confidentiality.

Subpart BProcedures for Developing Consent Agreements and Test Rules790.20 – 790.22

§ 790.20Recommendation, recommendation with an intent to designate, and designation of testing candidates by the ITC.

§ 790.22Procedures for developing consent agreements.

Subpart CImplementation, Enforcement, and Modification of Test Rules790.40 – 790.59

§ 790.40Promulgation of test rules.

§ 790.42Persons subject to a test rule.

§ 790.45Submission of letter of intent to conduct testing or exemption application.

§ 790.48Procedure if no one submits a letter of intent to conduct testing.

§ 790.50Submission of study plans.

§ 790.52Phase II test rule.

§ 790.55Modification of test standards or schedules during conduct of test.

§ 790.59Failure to comply with a test rule.

Subpart DImplementation, Enforcement and Modification of Consent Agreements790.60 – 790.68

§ 790.60Contents of consent agreements.

§ 790.62Submission of study plans and conduct of testing.

§ 790.65Failure to comply with a consent agreement.

§ 790.68Modification of consent agreements.

Subpart EExemptions From Test Rules790.80 – 790.99


Lawyers, law librarians and law students should be familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations. Law libraries and some academic libraries should have a copy of this publication for their patrons. In addition, members of government and policymakers, members of Congress, tax preparers, investment counselors and brokers, social activists, political consultants, media writers and producers, university instructors and professors, political scientists, and taxpayers.                                                                                                   

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