Cfr Title 37; Code Of Federal Regulations (2023)

Cfr Title 37; Code Of Federal Regulations (2023)
Cfr Title 37; Code Of Federal Regulations (2023)
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Prepared and regularly updated by specific Federal agencies, then published by the Office of Federal Register (OFR) 37 CFR, Pts. All, includes rules, regulations, procedures, and administrative procedures associated with  Title 37 Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

Table of Contents

Chapter I United States Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce 1 – 199

Subchapter A General1 – 90

Subchapter B Administration 100 – 104

Subchapter C Protection of Foreign Mask Works 150 – 199

Chapter II U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress 200 – 235

Subchapter A Copyright Office and Procedures 200 – 212

Subchapter B Copyright Claims Board and Procedures 220 – 235

Chapter III Copyright Royalty Board, Library of Congress 300 – 399

Subchapter A General Provisions 300 – 303

Subchapter B Copyright Royalty Judges Rules and Procedures 350 – 355

Subchapter C Submission of Royalty Claims 360

Subchapter D Notice and Recordkeeping Requirements for Statutory Licenses  370

Subchapter E Rates and Terms for Statutory Licenses 380 – 399

Chapter IV National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Commerce 400 – 599

Part 400 [Reserved]

Part 401 Rights to Inventions Made by Nonprofit Organizations and Small Business Firms Under Government Grants, Contracts, and Cooperative Agreements 401.1 – 401.18

Part 404 Licensing of Government-Owned Inventions 404.1 – 404.15

Part 501 Uniform Patent Policy for Rights in Inventions Made by Government Employees 501.1 – 501.11

Parts 502–599 [Reserved]

Chapter V [Reserved]


Lawyers, law librarians and law students should be familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations. Law libraries and some academic libraries should have a copy of this publication for their patrons. 

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