A Botanic Garden for the Nation: The United States Botanic Garden (ePub eBook)

A Botanic Garden for the Nation: The United States Botanic Garden (ePub eBook)
A Botanic Garden for the Nation: the United States Botanic Garden
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This beautifully illustrated book presents the first comprehensive look at the U.S.. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. Through rare historical documents and colorful photos, A Botanic Garden for the Nation tells an important story about this special place.

The story begins in 1796 with the support of George Washington, who believed a Botanic Garden would be a significant addition to the capital. Along with other early leaders, including Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, Washington understood the value of plants for the health and economic well-being of the nation, a message that still resonates today.

Through sumptuous photographs, A Botanic Garden for the Nation offers a tour of the Conservatory, starting with the formal Garden Court, with its foundations and special flower collections, and continuing through every plant environment, including the Lush Jungle, colorful Orchid House, and spare World Deserts. The engaging text explores ecosystems and reveals details about interesting plants and plant collections.

In addition to spectacular full-color photos of the building and plants, the book also includes helpful information such as how to read a plant label at the Botanic Garden and a map of both the Conservatory building and Bartholdi Park outside.

One of the most fascinating plants in the U.S.. Botanic Garden today is the weird and wonderful titan arum. The Botanic Garden's Titan Arum web page describes the plant, which has a live webcam trained on it when it is in one of its rare blooming periods, as it was mid-July 2013:

The titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum), also known as the corpse flower or stinky plant, is about to bloom again at the United States Botanic Garden Conservatory! Once fully open, it may remain in bloom for 24 to 48 hours, and then it will collapse quickly.

The magic of the titan arum comes from its great size - it is reputed to have the largest known unbranched inflorescence in the plant kingdom... [And] its putrid smell...  is often compared to the stench of rotting flesh.

The titan arum does not have an annual blooming cycle. The time between flowering is unpredictable, which can span from a few years to a few decades. [Native to the tropical rainforests of Sumatra,] the plant requires very special conditions, including warm day and night temperatures and high humidity, making Botanic Gardens well suited to support this strange plant outside of its natural range.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

A Message from the Joint Committee on the Library 8
A Message from the Architect of the Capitol 11
The United States Botanic Garden: Establishing a Plant Collection 13
The U.S. Botanic Garden Today  41
Plant Collections 42
Conservation and CITES 43
Production Facility 45
The U.S. Botanic Garden and the Smithsonian 48
The U.S. National Herbarium 49
Windows on the Mall: An Architectural History of the U.S. Botanic Garden 51
The Conservatory 75
Garden Court 77
Jungle 85
Rare and Endangered Species 99
West Courtyard: Southern Exposure 101
Plant Exploration 107
Orchid House 113
Medicinal Plants 121
World Deserts 127
Garden Primeval 135
Southeast Corner House 140
Plant Adaptations 141
East Courtyard: Children’s Garden 142
East and West Galleries 145
Bartholdi Park 147
The National Garden 161
Appendix A: How to Read a Plant Label 163
Appendix B: Maps of the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory and Bartholdi Park 164
Appendix C: Leadership of the U.S. Botanic Garden 167
Appendix D: Bibliography 168
Index 169


Botanists, gardeners, tourists, environmentalists, teachers, students, and others interested in information on the Botanic Garden would enjoy this book.



Federal librarian Nancy Faget says of A Botanic Garden for the Nation:

"Although the color photographs in the book are spectacular, it’s also a fascinating read."

Read her review on Government Book Talk blog post: "A Botanic Garden for the Nation: National benefits to be derived from exploration”


Page 84 of the book discusses the Titan Arum and shows it on one of its rare blooming times.

Page 80 shows orchids, cacao tree and the Garden Court.

US Botanic Garden A Botanic Garden for the Nation page 80 Orchids and Garden Court

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