Bismarck Archipelago: The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II (Pamphlet)

Bismarck Archipelago: The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II (Pamphlet)
Bismarck Archipelago: The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II (Pamphlet)
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CMH 72-24. Provides one in a series of 40 illustrated brochures that describe the campaigns in which U.S. Army troops participated during the war. Each brochure describes the strategic setting, traces the operations of the major American units involved, and analyzes the impact of the campaign on future operations.

Bismarck Archipelago is a 26-page pamphlet providing an overview of the strategic setting, operations, and analysis of the Bismarck Archipelago, a group of islands off the New Guinea coast.  The struggle for these islands – New Britain, New Ireland, the Admiralties, and several smaller islands – was officially designated as the Bismarck Archipelago Campaign.

The Bismarck Archipelago Campaign would formally end for the United Sates Army on 27 November 1944, although Australian soldiers would continue combat operations on New Britain long after the Americans moved on toward the Philippines.

In the final analysis, the American home front, the source of a seemingly unending flow of supplies and equipment, combined with the fighting skills of the American soldier to make victory possible. The men of the Sixth Army and the Marine Corps fought with determination and daring, often against superior numbers.  Supported by the Seabees on the ground and skilled U.S. and Australian aviators and sailors, the Allied soldiers prevailed where lesser men might have failed.  Victory went to the strong and able.  The road to the Philippines was opening.


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Historians, students studying military history/WWII, members of the military and Veterans, and members of the general public interested in military history and WWII will enjoy this publication.

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