Astronomical Phenomena for the year 2019

Astronomical Phenomena for the year 2019
Astronomical Phenomena for the year 2019
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This small PDF "booklet" contains general interest material preprinted from The Astronomical Almanac. The download version contains the same data found in the printed booklet.  It includes such things as: dates for equinoxes, solstices, phases of the Moon; eclipse maps; dates for various planetary phenomena; dates for some religious and civil holidays; chronological eras and cycles; the equation of time and declination of the Sun; sunrise/set, moonrise/set times; and the position of Polaris.  Astronomical Phenomena is joint publication between U.S. Naval Observatory and Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office (HMNAO) in the UK. HMNAO maintains the copyright on the material it produces.


Table of Contents

Perihelion Passages of Comets 3
Seasons, Moon Phases, Eclipses 4
Occultations, Perigee and Apogee of the Moon 5
Geocentric and Heliocentric Planetary Phenomena 6
Visibility of the Planets 7, 8
Times of Meridian Passages of the Planets 9
Elongations and Magnitudes of the Planets 10
Diary of Configurations of the Sun, Moon and Planets 12
Chronological Cycles and Eras; Religious and Civil Holidays 15
Gregorian Calendar and Julian Day Numbers 16
Mean Sidereal Time 17
Sun: Equation of Time and Declination 18
Circumpolar Stars: Positions of Polaris and sigma Octantis 20
International Time Zones 22
Explanation of Rising and Setting Tables 23
Sunrise and Sunset Tables 24
Moonrise and Moonset Tables 32
Eclipses 64
Transit of Mercury 82
Related Publications 89
Web Links 91


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