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Army Sustainment, Volume 49, No. 3, May-June 2017

Army Sustainment, Volume 49, No. 3, May-June 2017
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Army Sustainment is the Department of the Army’s official professional bulletin on sustainment. Its mission is to publish timely, authoritative information on Army and Defense sustainment plans, programs, policies, operations, procedures, and doctrine for the benefit of all sustainment personnel. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and expression of original, creative, innovative thought on sustainment functions.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
2 Readiness: Why AMC Exists
Materiel readiness and Sustainable Readiness are the first of six strategic
objectives the Army Materiel Command is pursuing to ensure Army
By Gen. Gustave “Gus” Perna
3 What Would Gen. John J. Pershing Think of Army Readiness Today?
Although the name has changed since World War I, readiness is a concept
that the Army G-4 believes Gen. John J. Pershing would embrace.
By Lt. Gen. Aundre F. Piggee
5 CASCOM Initiatives in Support of Total Army Readiness
The Combined Arms Support Command’s commitment to improving Army
readiness is evident through its many initiatives to increase the capabilities of
sustainment units.
By Maj. Gen. Darrell K. Williams
16 Redefining Readiness in Europe
U.S. Army Europe is increasing its interoperability and capacity efforts to
ensure that its forces are ready to respond to any threat.
By Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges
10 Fog, Friction, and Logistics
By Capt. Philip Lere, U.S. Air Force
13 Moving Forward With Logistics Advising in Afghanistan
By Capt. Ross A. Powers
15 Training Is Déjà Vu; Education Is Vu Jàdé
By Christopher R. Paparone, Ph.D., and George L. Topic Jr.
20 Ready Installations: The Army’s Power Projection Platforms
By Lt. Gen. Gwen Bingham
24 Power Projection Readiness: A Historical Perspective
By Maj. Gen. Kurt J. Ryan
28 Visualizing Army Readiness Through the Materiel Common Operating
By Col. John D. Kuenzli and David Martin
32 Army Research and Development Contributions to Readiness
By Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins
36 JMC Ensures Munitions Readiness for the Total Force
By Brig. Gen. Richard B. Dix
40 Sustaining Fight Tonight Readiness
By Brig. Gen. John P. Sullivan and David E. Dutcher
44 Army Pre-Positioned Stocks Support Army Readiness
By Jacqueline Georlett and Bruce Daasch
48 Technology and Army Readiness: An Interview With
Retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli
By Arpi Dilanian and Matthew Howard
52 The Division Materiel Readiness Center Provides Sustained Readiness
By Col. Ronald R. Ragin
55 Supporting Readiness Through Strategic Sourcing
By Jerome E. Jastrab
56 Sustaining Operation Inherent Resolve
By Lt. Col. Dean A. Huard
60 The Command and General Staff College Offers a New Theater
Sustainment Planners Program
By Maj. Thomas E. Goyette and Robert M. Bayless
62 Training Sustainment Soldiers in the Army Reserve
By Lt. Col. Ricky J. Janis
66 Improving Diagnostics in the Active Component
By M.C. “Steve” Cherry
68 Finding the Right Planning Tools for Defense Support of Civil Authorities
By Maj. Peter T. Sinclair II and Capt. Eric R. McGinty
71 A Breakthrough in Army Watercraft Readiness Reporting
By Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jason Wade and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Michael Beeman
74 The 42nd Military Culinary Arts Competitive Training Event
Photos by Stefanie Antosh


Target audience are members of the Army, Army contractors, and Department of Defense staff interested in timely, authoritative information on Army and Department of Defense sustainment plans, programs, policies, operations, procedures, and doctrine for the benefit of all Army personnel.  In addition, military historians and members of the general public interested in current Army news and information will find this a fascinating read.

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