Army Sustainment, V. 48 No. 6, November-December 2016

Army Sustainment, V. 48 No. 6, November-December 2016
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Army Sustainment is the Department of the Army’s official professional bulletin on sustainment. Its mission is to publish timely, authoritative information on Army and Defense sustainment plans, programs, policies, operations, procedures, and doctrine for the benefit of all sustainment personnel. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and expression of original, creative, innovative thought on sustainment functions.

Table of Contents


Army G-4

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: New Weapons for Building Readiness
The Army's use of enterprise resource planning systems will allow sustainers to manage their duties better than before.
By Lt. Gen. Gustave "Gus" Perna


Total Force Integration Requires Integrated Training
Future successful unified land operations will depend on the Army's ability to leverage readiness potential from all components. To maximize these collective capabilities, training integration must significantly improve.
By Maj. Gen. Darrell K. Williams, Brig. Gen. Sylvester Cannon and Brig. Gen. Hector Lopez


26 Logistics Forecasting and Estimates in the Brigade Combat Team
Observer-coach trainers from the National Training Center provide methods for accurate, detailed logistics estimates.
By Capt. Michael Johnson and Lt. Col. Brent Coryell

34 GCSS-Army: The Future of Army Logistics
Global Combat Support System-Army is a game-changing tool that can be used to improve the Army's readiness. But in order to fully realize all of its capabilities, preparation and training are necessary.
By Maj. Kimberly Deaton



Images of the Joint Logistics Enterprise: A brain
By Christopher R. Paparone, Ph.D., and George L. Topic Jr.

BCT 2020 Logistics: Where the Rubber Meets the Road
By Capt. Bridget I. Day

12 Changing Times and Methods at the Defense Logistics Agency
By Col. Michael J. Arnold


14 LOGSA: The Army's Trusted Source of Readiness Information and Solutions
By Maj. Gen. Steven A. Shapiro, Jonathan W. Pierce, and Jenny Trainer

18 Leveraging Enterprise Data Systems to Estimate Sustainment Requirements in Europe
By Maj. Gen. Duane A. Gamble and Capt. James A. Broadie

23 Operational Logistics Planner for a Learner, More Capable Expeditionary Army
By John Reith, Jennifer Van Drew, and Teresa Hines

38 Considerations for Supporting a Train, Advise, and Assist Environment in Iraq
By Maj. Gen. Paul C. Hurley Jr., Brig. Gen. Susan E. Henderson, and Col. Sean J. Cannon

42 Managing Readiness is All About Managing Information: An Interview with Retired Lt. Gen. Mitchell H. Stevenson
By Arpi Dilanian and Taiwo Akiwowo


46 Ensuring Freedom of Movement in 2025 and Beyond
By Jim Young and Maj. Joseph C. Zabaldano

50 Creating a European Network to Connect Multinational Formations
By Capt. Christopher O. Dorsey

52 The Transformation of a BCT Through Excess Property Divestiture
By Maj. Charles L. Montgomery

55 What the Army Sustainment Command Does for Readiness
By Chief Warrant Officer 5 Billy Jackson

Training & Education

57 Making the MOST of Mobilized Ordnance Specific Training
By Col. James Groark

60 Inactivation: An Opportunity for a Major Logistics Training Event
By Lt. Col. Joseph M. Colacicco


64 The Logistics Estimation Workbook: 18 Years and Counting
By Lt. Col. Damian A. Green

65 PS Magazine Launches Mobile App
By Jonathan W. Pierce



Target audience are members of the Army, Army contractors, and Department of Defense staff interested in timely, authoritative information on Army and Department of Defense sustainment plans, programs, policies, operations, procedures, and doctrine for the benefit of all Army personnel. In addition, military historians and members of the general public interested in current Army news and information will find this a fascinating read.

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